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Unable to pan across the world map in ATS


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Currently, in American Truck Simulator, it is not possible to pan across the world map by right-clicking and dragging – as is usually the case. This feature is still possible in singleplayer, thereby implying that this is not an issue with the base game. The bug appears to be present irrespective of which server one connects to. This issue also prevents users from being able to pan across the screen when customising a truck or trailer.


Steps to reproduce:

1.) Launch American Truck Simulator through the TruckersMP launcher.

2.) Connect to any available server.

3.) Open the world map – either by pressing M or by means of the main menu (ESC).

4.) Attempt to pan across the map by right-clicking and dragging, as indicated by the legend in the lower-right section.


Possible solutions

1.) Open the world map by pressing M or via the main menu. 

2.) Set a marker on any location of your choice. 

3.) Left-click the marker and hold it. Then pan across the map. 





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