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Gianni La Bambo


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Hello @Gianni La Bamba


First of all, thank you for creating a topic within the Help section of the TruckersMP Forum! 


Upon looking at stuff, and as well confirming it with one of the Developers, there is no way to make the font bigger within the game. There was a suggestion that was accepted, but it has not been implemented yet.


I do apologise for the confusion with this. 
Please do let us know if this answer helps you out with your question.


Kind Regards, 


TruckersMP Support

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Dear @Gianni La Bamba


Thank you very much for the confirmation.  


I am glad to hear that your question has been answered!  

For this reason, I will close this topic now and move it to "Solved".


Feel free to create a new topic or contact us via the Support System, in case you have any further questions or problems.



Kind regards,


TruckersMP Support & Discord Moderator

//Topic closed and moved to Solved.

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