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  1. I prefer the single trailers to the double ones, because of the roads that I occasionally go on when I'm on TruckersMP. I tried out a double trailer once and pretty much ended up damaging the cargo a lot.
  2. The in-game reporting system works well if you have an active moderator online at the time. If you don't, then the in-game reporting system isn't as successful. From what I've seen from a moderator who has streamed it (such as Speedy_TMP), they have a lot of reports to deal with, and occasionally some of the reports in-game will time out. So it's not the fact that it is not successful, it's just the fact that some of them build up and eventually time out.
  3. A lot of the players decide that they're going to drive around Duisburg just to cause havoc for other people. For me, I don't do that and I simply avoid Duisburg unless I really have to go through Duisburg to my destination. I've seen others having to pay a lot for repairs and having to give up their jobs. But as far as I am aware, they are wanting to just cause chaos in Duisburg because they're bored.
  4. Hi there buddy! Thanks for the follow. Appreciate it, here is a follow back :D

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  5. Personally, at night I use the high-beams to see where I am going, but when there's a truck oncoming on the other side of the road, I turn them off to low-beam until they're passed and then I chuck them back on because I also do this in RL when I'm driving around.
  6. By far the Scandinavian cities are a beauty. Wonderful scenery and other things to look at while you're cruising to your destination.
  7. I love the Scania that I drive already, I have done some good editing to the truck without any extra DLCs which is absolutely amazing, works with heavy hauls and hauls that take a lot of power!
  8. Beyond the Baltic Sea would be the best one. The one with the best scenery though is the Scandinavia one. I also like the France DLC too. Heavy Haul DLC is great too, but I haven't used any cargo for a while from that DLC.
  9. I prefer typing before speaking on the CB unless really needed. I tend to mute the CB when people are shouting down the CB because it gets irritating after a while.
  10. Hi there, @Bolts! Unfortunately, due to the rules, triple trailers will not be allowed at all on Euro Truck Simulator 2 as per the rules stated here under section §3.4 - Trailer combinations. I hope this solves your question that you're asking, if you need anymore assistance with the clarification of this question, do not hesitate to message me via Forum PM. Regards, SarahMaddy TruckersMP Member since 01 December 2018
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  13. Hi there, @mohamed_gamal13! I am sorry to hear that you cannot resolve your issue by possible solutions made by other users of the TruckersMP Forum. What I would recommend would be having a look at the MP Launcher Error Solutions before going ahead and submitting a ticket to the TruckersMP Support Team (this should only be used as a last resort). I hope that your issue gets sorted soon.
  14. Hi there, @Myau91. I'm sorry to hear that you're confused about what you're supposed to do next with the reports that you have filed against violators of the in-game rules. What I would strongly recommend is downloading a recording application, and then upload it to something like YouTube, where you can post the link from YouTube into the report section of the website, which can be viewed here once you log into the website. Once again, I do feel sorry to hear that you're confused about this, and moderators are not exactly available 24/7 to assist with reports, which results in timeouts. I hope this solution helps you, and that you feel that you can drive safely within TruckersMP!
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    No. Have you ever been to St. Petersburg in game?
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