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Can i post a report ticket that includes multiple videos of different people in the same road overtaking everyone from other lane. We were driving in kirkenes and people in cars think they are cool and have permissions to pass people from oncoming lane. I took videos of them but since i got 1 more report available and don't wanna use it on one person not obeying the rules. Is it allowed or should i not even report it since it doesnt include crashing but includes making more traffic jam? What should i do?

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Hello, @Shichibukai

Not, you cant report both players in one report ? Each perperator must have own report, so if you want to report two players, you have to create 2 reports. 


Also do not forget on this rule: 


Rule §1.4 - 

  • Spamming our report system with useless reports, reports using continuous freecam (Cam 0) to record or anything similar.



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Make sure to read the rules carefully and if you think someone violates the rules, you can report them. Namely rules §2.3 , §2.4  ,§2.5, which not nenecessarily involve crashing into others.


You can use one video evidence to report multiple users, but you must create a report per each user individually.

Report system doesn't allow reporting multiple users with a single report.

You can wait until some of your pending reports get resolved before making more, but the evidence can't be older than 14 days at the time the report is created.


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