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Player car flashing warning lights

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Suggested name: The car LED of the new version of the player flashes yellow warning light

 Recommendation: The spiral warning light in the game is out of date, and the new module should be modified.

 Any example picture: This example is the same as the flashing of the warning light model used by the host

 Why add it?  : The administrator uses a blue LED flashing warning light, and players and users have used the outdated spiral warning light.

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Thank you for taking your time in submitting your suggestion to us.

I have read into your suggestion but sadly i will have to reject your suggestion.

We are already looking into upgrading the equipment for the cars but sadly this is a slow proces that takes time.


I hope this answers your question.


Kind regards,

Schak Bruijn

TruckersMP Community Manager

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Schak Bruijn

Views expressed are my own and do not represent anyone else.

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