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Game change - Navigation update today??

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Unless there was an update on the TruckersMP launcher as you opened it then there was no update, how long has it been since you played on the network as there could have been an update a while back that you have only just updated to. It could also have been if you were playing single player last time you played ETS which can often lead to "Game Change Detected" which is where your job is automatically abandoned and your truck is reset to the garage. This could also be due to mods that you may be using on single player.


I hope this helps clear up a few things :D




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1 minute ago, Unnamed88008 said:

There were no updates for 1.39 or TMP in the last time (last TMP update was 2 weeks ago). The reason why it appeared may be because you switched from singleplayer to multiplayer (or from mp to sp). TruckersMP slightly modified the map and other things in the game which causes this message to appear.


Ah ok, that makes sense, I did by accident start SP this morning instead of MP. THanks!

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