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  1. Every day, minimum 8 hours ( I have a travel agency, so there is no work at all )
  2. I prefer very long routes with good music
  3. Today I drove a 9Ton Yacht from Port Said to Andorra. Only about 10km from my destination I realized I was delivering a Yacht to a city on top of a high mountain!! Has anyone else had weird/funny cargo/city destinations? Soproni
  4. Hi all, just wondering what the update was about that I downloaded in the TruckersMP launcher
  5. Ah ok, that makes sense, I did by accident start SP this morning instead of MP. THanks!
  6. Hi all, Just wondering if there was an update somewhere today. When I started the MP game it took a while to load navigation changes, and it did reset my job and truck back to the garage. What was the update? Soproni
  7. I only do the longest jobs, with the heaviest cargo
  8. Haha, ok. Enjoy, I like it more quiet, just every few minutes one truck going in the other direction is fun, otherwise im nonstop using my horn or light signals.
  9. By accident I ended up in Kirkenes today, it was madness, so full with trucks. In S-E Europe its much more quiet so I'll stay there
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