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Suggestion Name                      :  Listing of member names by color at the bottom of the forum main page.

Suggestion Description         : Showing the same colors together in the view that is currently mixed at the bottom

Any sample picture                 : -

Why should it be added?      :Because his looks are better. Additionally, it's easier to see which class members and administrators are currently available.

Best regards

Note: Sorry for my English. Google Translate

🖐️Her zaman bir umut vardır .🖐️

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  • Web Developer

Thank you for you suggestion.

Unfortunately, this is not possible as of now. "Who's Online" widget at the bottom doesn't allow us to change the way it is sorted. We also do not want to change it programmatically as the forum software is not build by us.


// Rejected for now, might be revisited after forum software update.

CJMAXiK on VTC.World

Web Developer @ TruckersMP

Developer @ VTC.World

Just Monika

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