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Future of TMP Severs (Speed Limits / Collisions)


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Suggest Name: Modify the TMP Speed Limit - The Future of TMP Severs


I believe TMP need to have a talk with their community on how the servers should be handled/made, With the constant posts about speed limits and collisions I believe it is time for another sever overhaul, something needs to be changed.


Suggestion Description: / Why it should be added

Simulation 1 - Simulation 1 would be a server which has the base game speed limit (55mph) for all vehicles with in the game, this would be the ultimate simulation experience for truckers on the road who enjoy the lower speeds and can comfortably do jobs on World Of Trucks without the constant overtaking from faster players.


Simulation 2 - Simulation 2 would be a server with a speed limit between 93mph to 100mph depending on which the community likes better for the players who enjoy a faster experience, There is still a speed cap so they trucks are controllable however still a enjoyable experience. Players who do not have hours to spend from going A to B will get a much more enjoyable experience if they can get their in a fast manner and still safely. (Collisions Enabled)


Promods - Promods Server would be a server that is identical to Simulation 2 however of course, with the ProMods map. The map is huge and as seen, the servers do not get a huge amount of players on them, a higher speed limit would greatly improve the experience on empty roads where you may not find too many players and overall allow people to travel the huge diverse map at a reasonable speed. (Collisions Enabled)


Arcade Server - A no collisions server where players can go whatever speed the please in which they do not have to apply to any of the TMP rules unless it directly effects their experience. (Collisions Disabled)


Reason I think collisions are an important feature to keep are to at least keep the experience semi realistic, yes, its true a truck is not going to be driving down the road at 93mph, however neither can a truck magically /fix, teleport. ETS2 as much as it is a simulator game, its also a game where people play to have fun, just because players want speed and collision, it does not mean



I believe rules need to be slightly altered for the report system, Game Moderation has not improved IMO between the switch from EU1/EU2 to the Road to Simulation Update, this isn't strictly TMP's fault, their platform has grown and they cannot keep up with constant growing player count. In game reports rarely get looked at and a work around needs to be put in place. 


Allow players to be reported multiple times by unique players - If players can report the same user and they get alot of reports within a certain time, (e.g. 10+ reports by different players) and a admin cannot look at the the request as they are busy. The reported player should be put into ghost mod for a certain amount of time based on what TMP see's as reasonable. This would greatly benefit if a troll decides to block a road and a Admin cannot kick/ban them. Mass reporting on that player would resolve this issue as they cannot effect other players experience. I believe this would be better than a kick since that could easily be abused.


Ban Offences - One of the main argument's to this that lots of players get banned from speeding related accidents. To resolve this, Players who have more than 2 Bans in the last year would not be allowed to connect to servers which evolve higher speeds. If players cannot be respectful to others while speeding, they should have an increased punishment rather than the current offences. This will keep both player bases happy.


Let me know what you think about my suggestions!


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As you're unable to follow the required template we ask you to use we will be closing and declining this suggestion.  

Thank you for taking your time though.


Kind regards,

Schak Bruijn

TruckersMP Community Manager


Rules | Recruitment | Support | Feedback | Meet the Team | Ban Appeal | Website Report


Schak Bruijn

Views expressed are my own and do not represent anyone else.

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