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How to change head light and interior light color to red using save edit

Guest RJ_AXE


I need a lil help . i saw a youtube video that showing how to change head light color to green but i want to change my head light color to red also i want to change interior color to red too . is it possible ? if yes how to do it ?

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Hello RJ_AXE,


Unfortunately this (the red color) isn't possible to do with save edit, only the green color is possible to do with save edit.

Probably it was a mod in the youtube video you have watched :)


Actually it is possible I guess, but you have to duplicate the lights like 100 times, and duplication of things excessively can lead to lagg to your game, but also the game of others. And this isn't allowed by the rules of TMP.


I hope your question has been answered with this.


Kind regards,

Stay Safe!


Kindest regards,
Stay safe!
_sneaht_0810 | TruckersMP Community Moderation Manager

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Hello there!

Has your question been answered with the above suggestions?
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I await your return!

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