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Found 9 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Instantly punish ramming cars Suggestion Description: If a car hits another one or a truck and causes damage to it, it should be either kicked for ramming or banned for 30 minutes. Any example images: nope Why should it be added?: The idiots who troll. Currently, the system is unbelievable. There are almost no mods online at any given time and cars can do whatever they want. This should be not added for trucks, as trolling with them is virtually impossible. Manuevering a car is way easier and they are a lot faster. Please add this. I cannot get from one city to another normally without damage because of these people. Christmas is upcoming and many convoys are coming, this should be #1 priority.
  2. Beyler rapor sistemi benim bildiğim kadarıyla adminlerin sahneyi izlemeleriyle yapılıyor ancak bu adminler nasıl bir gözle izliyorlar anlamış değilim tam izlemiyolar mı veya ilgilenilmiyor mu? bariz şekilde bilerek çarpan milletin önüne kıran bilerek blocking yapan veya normal yolunda giderken bile bile direksiyon kırıp bariz bilerek sana çarpan adamı bile raporladığımda bir süre sonra "Nickname" hakkında hiçbir işlem yapılmadı yazısı geliyor. adminler neden var diye sorasım geldi ama daha iyi bir soru buldum; rapor sistemi neden var?!?!?!
  3. Hello there, I've been banned from ets2mp for around 2 weeks because we drove like idiots. We did this because we were having fun by ramming each other to see little bugs in the game and server. When we hit (accidentally and on purpose) a random stranger that drove by, he recorded us and reported us on the forum. I agree with his points, but it would be nice to have a server where we can do this stuff. Reporting people by recording it is a little cowardly because you can ramm people, and record them when they hit you back so you only got the moment they hit you. I did things that were not allowed to do, and i'm justly banned. I hope you guys can fix a server where we can drive like idiots (it is and it stays a game) so we can have a fun time on the less serious side of the game. Greets: -eiktijd- a player who loves the game from all points
  4. hola, hace unas semanas reporte a dos usuarios por insultar en el CB chat, mariio atendió mi reporte y baneo a los dos usuarios, el problema es que los usuarios que baneo mario le dijeron a un amigo sobre el baneo y el para vengarse o quere trollearme se puso mi nombre en steam, arrojo unos insultos al chat y luego tomo captura y esa captura la uso para reportarme. Desafortunadamente fui baneado por un dia y yo no tenia la culpa y como el admin que me dio el baneo era europeo cuando yo mande la solicitud para apelar el baneo ya era muy tarde en europa, afortunadamente mande un correo a [email protected] y el baneo fue borrado. esta es por la foto que uso el usuario para reportarme El problema sigue cuando ayer en la noche un amigo me dice que lo banearon por algo que nunca hizo en el juego, le pedí que me mandara la foto y resulta que es la misma persona y uso los mismos insultos que uso conmigo a lo que quiero llegar con esto es a hacer una petición a los admins si nos pueden ayudar a ponerle un alto a esta persona que hace reportes falsos para perjudicarme a mi y a mis amigos, yo no culpo a los admins de banearnos erróneamente se que ellos solo hacen su deber de banear a los jugadores que rompen las reglas del juego se quien es el que hace sus baneos pero no voy a colocar aquí su perfil de steam o su perfil de truckersmp para mantenerlo en privado.
  5. Guest

    Ban? Or just a "prank"?

    Hello. Today is for me Saturday, 11. March 2017, 13:00. If you agree this, best regards, you live in central europe. But today i have not such as a good topic for my question: I was livestreaming with about 5-9 viewers and driving in EU2 in the north of england (scotland). It was a pretty good day, once i found a italian or spain livestreamer. I decided to follow the streamer and an orange car (player name and tmp-id is down). We drove from Edinburg to England. After we drove from scotland to england, the orange driver wrote my number. In that time my number was 55. He said some italian or spain text, i dont understand that. But i just ignored him. Later at an junction, he said "report". I thought just: what? For what an report? For nothing? For fast driving? (Yes i drove about 100kmh with the scout) I asked for an reason. He said: "ramming and other" What the f**k man? I didn't rammed or did something wrong, i just drove with these 2 guys. So we started to talk. (And the livestreamer's truck was stuck in dirt so i gave an suggestion for him and it helped out) I said, where the proof is. He said some text in spain or italian (I DONT KNOW!!!) or wrote everytime "55 don't cry". After the junction he said "55" "cry". I just thought that he wanted to prank me. I wanted to ruin the livestream, but i went to Calais by garage manager. We drove thogether, the orange person was everytime infront of me. Before that junction i drove fast, and he wanted to cut me. So i had to use the brakes and used my steering wheel to steer away to avoid an accident or any damage. So what now? He wrote "55 ban" or "55 report" or something smillar. The other guy, who was behind me, said nothing. When i would ramm someone, all persons would say "report"? So we drove and drove and then at that cut-moment my engine doesn't wanted to drive forward. So i had to start the engine back, and then he said again "report". I was only about 10 seconds there trying to drive, ( i was in the outside mode) and no one was behind me, and i was at the crash bar, in the middle, and no one would be blocked. Or is it forbidden to go to a lost place and have engine problems? TruckersMP-ID: 1234035 #ZéDaPamonha yes, i mean you! Answer to that question if you want to say me why, and give me the proofs! I didn't have anything done, at my about half year being in ETS2MP (240h) and i had only one ban for insulting, and that was because someone blocked the road for about 30 minutes. And i had to drive reeallly fast, because i had a 70.000€ delivery and i had only 1 gamehour time. I hope that this thing only trolling is, because i LOVE the MP mode! €DIT: I forgot to say, that i'm playing ets2mp since december with an steering wheel, called G27 for best driving results. Thanks for those peoples, who are on my side, so that i won't get a ban. #ZéDaPamonha please send me an sceenshot btw proof of that, what you said, i did (ramming and other), because, i didn't noticed to ram anyone or did something other wrong and i had everytime 0% damage, before 0,0% and when i was at services i had no damage. I didn't had to pay anything, because everything was at 0,0%.
  6. I wont be the first or last to say, the road between Calais and Duisburg is a complete cluster f*ck. There are certain times of the day where it is near impossible to pass safely. The main culprit is the small A1 junction, it is a magnet for trolls. Horn / Mic / Ramming / Blocking, you name it, its all there. Something needs to be done about this. From around 4PM - 7PM GMT is when traffic starts to build, everyone is trying to push in. I hardly ever see admins around the area when they're needed. The only admin I ever see is Burner, nevertheless this is later in the day. I think there should be an admin monitoring this area when its needed the most. At least make the presence of authority known by parking next to the main disaster area, this would more than likely cut some of the trolling. Anyone else with suggestions to battle this atrocity let yourself be known down below. Thanks,
  7. Hey guys thanks for everyone come to help me. My question is about this case : If one guys ramming into one convoy (of my company ([T.E.T™][BR])) and ramming a lot of time... he put the acronym [T.E.T ™] [BR] in the name of his steam and I wanted to know the following in this case What can we do since we could not produce any video because no one from the train at the time could not record video ... * marks: @FirestarteR93 @Digi7al @Bonnm @Julien78
  8. What am I to do to stay out of trouble when.... I'm in my truck at a shop getting some repairs while under a load and 3 cars spawn in and tell me to leave because I'm taking up too much room in the shop while their driving in circles? To keep any kind of peace I left the shop so I would not get ban for even saying anything to the people who don't want to drive a truck on a trucking game. I went to another shop and on my way there a pilot car passed me and turned around to follow me to the shop. I did my repairs and saw he was still waiting. I left the shop without saying anything to deal with the run I had. He followed me everywhere. I asked him why he was following me, He said on text "IDK" I told him "I would appreciate it if he did not follow me so I can play the game by myself" He would not stop following me. I did report him. But even when I was bob-tailing down the road he was still there. So after a short wile I had to quick travel to a terminal to get away from him. So I left the server. How are we to deal with cars not respecting trucks on a trucking game. It's not the cars mod itself, It could be good if used properly but, so far it's not so in that terms.... It's not really a car game either. And those people telling me and other truckers to play on a different server is not fair or cool at all. The game and server are made for trucking simulation. Not for people in cars to take over and make the trucks move out of their way or go someplace else. Like I said before I'm willing to give the mod some time to see how it fairs out but, I'm seeing no improvements. And I don't want to get kicked, ban or moved someplace else because of the car mod.
  9. Hello, If you complete the following survey about troll players is ETS2MP I would be very happy. According to results, I may be deepen my research. BEFORE START Regular rule violations like ramming, blocking, insulting, griefing do NOT count as trolling. An example of a NOT TROLL PLAYER: Trolling means rule breaking, messing up other players' games and harming game just for fun. Players who ram/block every truck in area or trucks in a convoy, players who block large areas such as city entrances or companies and players who plays this game for only annoy other players COUNT AS TROLLS. An example of a TROLL PLAYER: So here is survey. I know it is short and may not satisfy you but at least it would give me some ideas: https://tr.surveymonkey.com/r/Y9XCSLZThank you.
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