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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys I know how to teleport but i need to know how to place myself without numkeys, because i have mechanical keyboard without numpad. How to change to other keys, where can i set this? Please help.
  2. i have a good question i was driving on calais / duisburg road when i was almost out of Fuel i drove into a tankstation suddenly WelshGaz apparently just felt like teleporting me to Service ??? why ?? i just drove in to re fuel ??? no reason what so ever ??
  3. I have noticed the past couple of days accidents I have observed users who have had an accident can quickly re-apply their trucks and trailers to the side of the road which is weird and its happened in areas where it isn't populated and happened fast enough for an admin to take action..... I know you cant teleport on MP but is there a way if your stuck you can spawn in same location without going to f7 ? Edited: Thanks to whomever moved this topic due to my request to the appropriate forum much appreciated
  4. When the Admins are near an accident or has the full view of the traffic jam which we have all seen or been in, Admins are mostly kicking or banning players from the game to clear the road and it makes the wonder. Are admins able to teleport players to a diffrent location? Often the players who do cause accidents and block the road,are the blame but if there is a possible incident, when they player is blocking the road, because he crashed and his game might of crashed or freezed,and only admin can clear the road by getting the player out of the area. Have you ever seen admins teleport other players?
  5. Dany

    Game crashes

    Hello people of ets2mp, I will get straight to the point, the game freezes when i use the teleport between garages and when i use the train/ferry... I will have to close it at the process tab in task manager. This happends in singleplayer too. Maybe relevant, i also can't see any freights that are not from the online world of trucks thing... Please help -Dany
  6. When I go sleep or teleport to service, game stopped and I can't do anything. Please help me with that problem
  7. I cant drive to England, because there is railway or throw watter and when i start it it's freezing and i cant do anything. Or when my car is crashed i cant teleport to Station to repair my car , becaus its freezed and i just restart the game!
  8. Hello ! Im realy enoying thin mod i love it ! But ive got one question: Is it okey to like drive to Rottendam and the teleport to a hill like 300 meters from the jam to fly around and look at the mess /740
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