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Found 7 results

  1. Free Signatures / Backgrounds What is this? Hello, this Topic is about Signatures/Backgrounds for your TruckersMP Profile on the Forums. I am making Custom-Made Signatures & Backgrounds for people who would like to have one. What is the Signature/Background limit per person? There is no specific limit, but please be thoughtful of others. For Example: Let's say i have to make you 3 Backgrounds and 5 Signatures, I would not have the time to make someone else just 1 Signature and 1 Background. How do i get my Signature/Background? 1. First, select your Favorite Image. 2. Then, Select your Favorite Font. 3. Lastly, Go to This Form, and Submit your Request. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: I would like to apologize, but anyone who has Requested a Signature/Background will have to Re-Enter there Request as i forgot to import a question that is Highly Necessary.
  2. (Konum uygun yerde değilse taşıyabilir misiniz?) Herkese merhaba, Semih 18 yaşındayım yaklaşık olarak 4-5 yıldır kendi çapında grafik yapan birisiyim. Genellikle Gta San Andreas Multiplayer oyunlarında sunucularda grafiker / yönetici olarak uzun süredir takılıyorum Bu konuda çok iyi olduğumu söyleyemem hobi olarak yaptığım için boş vakitlerimde yapıyorum. Daha çok tanıtım reklam veya sosyal medya tasarımlarını yapıyorum. >_< Konuda öneri, fikir, şikayet aklınıza ne gelebiliyorsa benimle paylaşabilirsiniz. Lojistik sahipleri veya açma düşüncesinde olanlara yardımcı olabilirim logo tanıtım afişi vs. Şimdiden teşekkürler. Örnek çalışmalarımı buraya atıyorum diğer tasarımlarımı özel mesaj olarak isteyebilirsiniz. Başka platforumun oyunları ve sunucuları olduğu için reklam vs olmasını istemedim.
  3. Hey my boys and girls, I have returned to make some more signatures for you guys since I need to get back into practice. This is my third thread of this kind and I hope to provide you with good content. I am still in school right now and due to that I cant upload any examples of my work but I will hit you guys up with some as soon as I am home! What do you need to do for a signature? Easy! Tell me a theme you would like to see and what text you want written on it and in a maximum of 6 hours you will be one signature richer! Hope to get many responses!
  4. I have created a new signature that I wish to use on the TruckersMP forums, but every time I go to link it to something, the image resizes to a size that makes it impossible to see, and resizing it after doesn't work. Is there any way to fix this and have a new signature that links elsewhere, and at a visible size?
  5. Hi! I haven't used the forum in the while and I would like to know one thing. How can I add a signature? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I know Im probably going to kick myself when I get an answer but meh XD. Right what I have been confused on for the past few days was how to put a picture into my Signature. Thanks
  7. xper18

    Firma Foro

    Buenas noches, Quiero hacer una firma buena para mi perfil en el foro y me gustaria que me dierais algunas recomendaciones, en referencia al diseño, color, imagen de fondo. Si existe algun generador de firmas de ETS2 estaria agradecido a que me lo pasarais. Muchas gracias por su atención, xcr0ss^
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