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Found 13 results

  1. This topic will be updated everyday to share our convoy screenshots with all truckers who are interested in our VTC. For more information and photos, please access to our website https://www.truckersmp.com/vtc/65 China-Chenxi VTC, All Rights Reserved.
  2. Hello, Here is a short guide on how to take good screenshots using Photo mode in ETS 2. Link to picture uploading site: https://imgbb.com/
  3. I DRIVE FOR Website | Discord | Our Community
  4. hello all admin, i want to start a topic that we can ask here for our mod by screenshot. so we take screenshot and upload her to ask that the mod is allowed or not. i hope this topic allowed by admin, and every Questions by screenshot will be answer by admin too, to make sure that our mod is allowed or not to use at truckersmp. i'll start with my trailer mod sorry for bad english ;D thank's. i want to ask, is this mod allowed for MP? i want to use for convoy
  5. Under this topic, screenshots and photos from different locations and spots shall be shared. Feel free to share yours, thus people can see which kind of beauty exists in ETS 2 map. LOCATION: NEAR KOSICE, SLOVAKIA
  6. Hi, I searched before posting my problem here, but I couldn't find anything related. I started playing ATS online through the MP Truckers program. I haven't had a problem until I logged in and out of the sudden my days changed to more than 2,000 in game time played. I would like to know if this is a normal issue with playing online and also if it has a solution to display the CORRECT amount of time which I've been playing. Here are two screenshots, one from ATS which shows the problem I was telling y'all about, and the other from ETS2 which I haven't played online yet -which instead shows the right amount of days-. Thank you. -PilotinBlue
  7. I wrote a report and needed to write the ID. Well easy i wrote it but the weird thing is that i see another name than in my screenshot. Why is that? Can they just quit the game so they can't get reported? This is the second time this has happend. Or do i write my own ID?
  8. I just bought this really nice villa next to Oxnard, because I though it's going to be really quiet next to a one lane road. I just moved in and that's the view from my balcony:
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