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Found 5 results

  1. Cześć, ostatnio po zmianie ustawień na ultra mam crashe w dowolnych momentach. Jakby ktoś mógłby pomóc to byłoby super . Komputer: CPU - i5 6600 GPU - nVidia Geforce 1060 6gb Windforce OC (po moim dodatkowym oc) PSU - SilentiumPC Supremo L2 Motherboard - MSI B150 GAMING M3 DYSK - WD BLUE 1GB RAM - 2x8GB GOODRAM GY2400D464L15/16GDC Game.log Game.crash
  2. plinio_lisboa


    I note that in multiplayer several bug's occur for random events. - Police cars that do not show up in accidents. Only characters appear - NPC avatars. Firefighters, cops. - police cars and drivers when fined. Only characters appear, NPC avatars. Only police officer appears and sometimes some driver who would be out of the vehicle. - Fire truck and cars and crashed trucks. Only characters appear, NPC avatars. Only firemen show up. With any luck an exploded trailler can be seen. But not fire trucks. - Cars with mechanical problems. We only see signal triangles. Does not appear NPC's driver or the vehicle.
  3. Ordep

    About new 1.31 random events

    Hello The new 1.31 ETS update bring for all random events to multiplayer too? Cheers
  4. In an effort to keep this section alive and well, I think this is a good way to try and bring some life here. I'm currently at work, so I don't have any pictures to post myself. What do you have? Please lets keep this to funny pictures (accidental glitches, true accidents with cooperating second parties, etc...) Easter egg finds, or stuff that's just generally interesting. Let's see what you got!
  5. London  Truckers.FM

    Ultimate GIF Thread

    Hey all! Thought it might be fun to share our favorite GIF's here on this thread.. Just for a bit of fun! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) STRICTLY NO NSFW GIF'S (XXX/18+ etc) ANY USERS WHO POST THESE WILL BE REPORTED. This pup is dying to see your posts!