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Found 4 results

  1. Smooth Interior Camera Hi! I would like to introduce to you my plugin for ETS2 and ATS. This mod makes that camera in interior is smooth when you move camera with predefined values (numpad keys). Best experience with vsync and stable 60 fps. Donation I'm doing this for free so if you like my work please donate to me Download: Download for x64 ETS 2 (1.27+) and x64 ATS (1.6+) Download for x86 ETS 2 (1.27+) Settings app (.NET Framework 4.0 required) Source code Video: Virus scan: x64 x86 Features: - Smooth camera rotation - Three types of animation (Linear, EaseInOut, EaseOut) - Universal for every keys settings (default is for numpad) - Possibility to change predefined camera positions Hotkeys (possible to disable in settings program): - INSERT - enable/disable mod - DELETE - change predefined positions of camera - HOME - reload settings from file How to install: For 64 bit: 1.Go to ets 2 or ats directory 2.Then to bin/win_x64 3.Here create plugins folder 4.Copy sic_x64.dll to plugins folder 5.Run game in x64 mode For 32 bit: 1.Go to ets 2 directory 2.Then to bin/win_x86 3.Here create plugins folder 4.Copy sic_x86.dll to plugins folder 5.Run game in x86 mode How to change predefined camera position: 1.Press Delete on keyboard 2.Set the position of the camera (with mouse) 3.Press key which you want look here Link to original posts on scs forum: ETS 2 ATS
  2. ETCARS is a revolutionary plugin built by developers for developers. The plugin exposes game data using sockets on the local machine. This allows for network connections to receive event based data from the game. The plugin is free, open-source, and available for anyone to use to make awesome creations, such as auto loggers, displays, or linking into LEDs on a raspberry pi. The goal of this plugin is to also simplify the number of plugins out there reporting data. And because ETCARS uses a socket instead of a file, multiple clients can connect simultaneously without impacting game performance! You can learn more on the dedicated website https://etcars.menzelstudios.com and visit the forums for additional help: https://forums.menzelstudios.com Hopefully you as developers will find this useful and will help simplify your developments when it comes to getting data exported from ETS2 and ATS! March 19th, 2018 Update: I have released a massive update to ETCARS. This update includes a linux shared object file(so) which is the equivalent of a windows dll, that can be installed on linux systems and will work with both ETS2 and ATS. Simply follow the instruction in the readme or on the website for details. I've also added a lot of new data to the plugin, featuring wheel data, trailer data, advanced trailer, cabin, and hook positioning data. The current future plans are to add Ferries, Trains and job saving. The current release version is 0.12. April 6th, 2019 Update: Updates continue to roll out and I can't believe it's been more than a year since launching this project. Not many projects have picked this up but there are a few interesting things that I've been contacted about regarding this project. I'm hoping soon someone will take this project and fly with it. The benefits are there and soon, an even more reliable service that can hopefully be utilized by even more people. Our forums have gone through many cycles lately due to themes, support, and stability. I continue to run support and further the development of this amazing project.
  3. Czy mógłby się ktoś podzielić ustawieniami Logitech Profiler dla kierownicy G27 lub pobocznej, który ustawiony jest pod FFB Plugin dla ETS2? Wrzuciłem wszystkie pliki ów pluginu do odpowiedniego folderu, gra niby je czyta (są odpowiednie wpisy w konsoli), ale kierownica zachowuje się tak jakby tego pluginu nie było w ogóle. Próbowałem ustawić Profiler względem screenów, które znajdują się na stronie SCS'u, ale okienka wyglądają troszeczkę inaczej tak jakby osoba, która to robiła posiadała starszą wersję Profilera.
  4. ​Nazwa sugestii: Wsparcie pluginów deweloperskich w ets2 MP. Opis sugestii: Chciałbym, aby twórcy multiplayera uruchomili wsparcie dla pluginów deweloperskich, które zamieszcza się w folderze: Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x86\plugins Przykładowe obrazki: nie posiadam Dlaczego ta, a nie inna sugestia?: Dlatego, że w sieci pojawiło się dużo aplikacji na androida i windows phone (które posiadam na obydwu systemach), które pokazują cały dashboard z ciężarówki na ekranie tabletu lub smartfonu; lecz niestety one potrzebują mieć wgrany w komputerze plugin, który przesyła te całe dane na urządzenia mobilne. Bardzo bym chciał, aby twórcy ets2mp się tym zajęli, gdyż aplikacje te są bardzo pomocne dla tych ludzi, którzy mają słabe komputery i grają w ets2 na minimalnych ustawieniach grafiki. Przy tych ustawieniach dashboard ciężarówki jest kompletnie nieczytelny.
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