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Found 10 results

  1. So i found this thread but it was locked : I wish to know a bit more about the speed limited. Same road, same truck, with or without cargo: 1. Sometimes i can only go 90km/h mark 2. sometimes i have hit the 150km/h mark sometimes I am limited at 90 and trucks come flying past me as I am sure they are hitting the 150km/h mark. is the limiter really that inconsistent?
  2. My brother is a new player on TruckersMP and when he deselects the speed limiter, it turns back on in the settings. This doesnt happen when he launches ETS2 on singleplayer. Is this a feature for new players, or a bug? Thanks. sorry for the picture quality, i had to make it 0.13MB.
  3. I just bought a brand new 600hp volvo on my legit account thinking it would be faster than my old beginner mercades but both of the trucks were limited to 56 mph! even though in single player the truck speed limiter is off and it will do 100mph in single player! on my non legit cheated account i have other trucks of which will do 93? Why are my legitly earned trucks limited please help
  4. Hello there, The thing I wanna bring to you is that it simply has nothing to do with simulation when there is somewhat that pushes your brake pedal to the floor in order to keep you under 150 kp/h. When an (lets call it) "Idiot" wants to go 200 or more by car he should be able to! (e.g. the western coast of italy - it doesn't make fun or even sense for some people to ride the speedway there with about 150) The point is that we want to have a server where you're able to freely drive your truck or car as fast as you want - and for the people who want to drive realistic (safe and slow) would still have all the other servers left - but the way truckersmp is going to take, I think we already can say goodbye to "Funny Moments" Videos on YouTube. Dear TruckersMP-Team, please don't keep this settings! Change it for the other kind of players. Thanks.
  5. Acho que o motivo pela falta de gente no servidor sul americano é o limitador de velocidade. Ontem eu participei de um comboio com meus amigos que começou ás 9:40PM e terminou quase 1:00AM. Foi no servidor Europeu #2. Se tivesse sido no servidor South American, provavelmente só terminaria 2:00AM com sorte, pois o limitador atrapalha muito o jogo. Claro que tem o fator acidente, mas com ou sem limitador, vai ter pessoas bagunçando. Então, por quê não fazer um teste: retirar o limitador por 1 dia. Se der certo, não coloca mais, se não der, não vai ter oquê fazer. Essa é a minha opnião.
  6. I was playing the EST2MP after a while and noticed that there was a new speed limiter in place. What's that about?
  7. My truck, a fully modified Kenworth W900, when I have a trailer it gets limited to 65 mph, however when I don't it's not limited. Please help.
  8. Baetu

    Speed limiter?

    Hi, is there any speed limit on server 2 europe? I thought there was not but my truck doesn't seem to go any faster than 90 km/h. It is not damaged and the speed limit is unchecked in the options. Thank you !
  9. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Driving Force GT Description of Issue: Speed limiter is stuck at 110 km/h, cannot set it at 90km/h. When I look into gameplay options, it appears to be checked but truck is still limited to 110 km/h. When I uncheck the truck speed limiter it, go to another menu and return to gameplay options it appears checked again. How to reproduce: Look at truck speed limiter, uncheck it, go to another menu like graphics, return to gameplay, see that it is still checked. Drive a truck and see that it is limited to 110 km/h, not 90 Screenshots / Videos: N/A
  10. Hello everyone! I wanna ask if you please can remove the speed limiter. It's boring driving 90km/h for such a long distance. It just takes so long. Most of the time im driving on liveless highways, where I wouldn't damage anyone. Or you have to ask admins to get the limiter away on you. Thanks for reading. (I assume 100% will say "no")
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