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  1. Happy Birthday. o/ 

  2. Baetu


    @Aestrial Made the report. @NickThe0ne Thank you for the help. I think this topic can be closed/deleted now?
  3. Baetu


    On the bellow link is the reason why players stop playing MP and I am really considering it. BTW 222 is my fiancee. I tried using the reporting system but I was already out of the game to find his truckersmp id. https://imgur.com/a/9doKpfM
  4. Hi, yea fixed it right before seeing your answer. Thank you though! Happy trucking my friend !
  5. Hello, So my girlfriend wants to create an account on the truckersmp so we can play together but she gets this error message when trying to link her steam account to the website "We were unable to find Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator on your account, please ensure your profile is set to public and that you have played the game at least 2 hours". She has ~34h playtime and her steam profile is set to public (also inventory). Could help me with a solution? Regards, Baetu. LATER EDIT: FIXED. had to change the game details to public also. happy trucking!
  6. Baetu

    Help !

    Hi, It would be very useful if I use a recording software which I don't. I play on a low end system (it has a lot of character though ) and I can't have a recording software open while I play. I use the report in game system, I don't know who takes care of them. Anyway thank you for taking your time to reply me, perhaps I will use the report system for chat only. Thank you !
  7. Baetu

    Help !

    Hi, I have been a member since 2014 and enjoyed trucking on the MP servers. There was a break from trucking because of my studies but since last week I've started roaming again and I noticed an increase in the population. With the increase there are a lot of trolls who just don't care about street signs, red lights, parking etc. When I play I want (and I am sure I am not the only one) to have that RP feeling. I know that Europe 1 is the right server for that but it is not very populated therefore I play on Europe 2. Is there any way there can be implemented something to punish trolls ? For instance when you equip your car with police lights you are automatically kicked from the server, is there any way this can be done with forcing a red light? I maybe wrong but please trust me it is very frustrating when you want a 0% damage delivery and you are hit when crossing a green light. Thank you !
  8. Baetu

    Speed limiter?

    Yeah, found the problem. Sorry for late reply. The problem was that i was doing World of Truck deliveries. Thank you all !
  9. Hi, is there any speed limit on server 2 europe? I thought there was not but my truck doesn't seem to go any faster than 90 km/h. It is not damaged and the speed limit is unchecked in the options. Thank you !
  10. Baetu

    Server Full

    Thanks for answering me. I tried staying offline until a free slot appeared but i was afraid that i will spawn on or in front of somebody else and get banned for ramming...
  11. Baetu

    Server Full

    Hello. For a few days I am trying to connect to EU1 and even if it is day or night the server is always full. Is that a bug or the server is actually full? In status the number of people never drops lower than 2480. Thank you and sorry for my english, not my native language.
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