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Found 6 results

  1. Back in the summer of 2016 I was banned four times and about 5 days ago banned another time. I was wondering if my next ban would be a perm no matter what. I'm unsure if it depends on when the previous bans occurred?
  2. Welcome to TruckersMP World Records and Annual Awards! TruckersMP World Records and Annual Awards is designed to bring some friendly competition and to celebrate the best achievements from members of our ever growing community! Records are split in two sections: Group records Individual records Special Records The only reward for submitting, beating or holding a record is recognition in the form of your name displayed in the list below. Records are not game specific and can be set or beaten in either game regardless of previous record. This topic will also include the Annual Community Awards where you get your opportunity to vote on various things and show your appreciation for VTC’s, Community Members, MP Team and other community services and groups. As well as your favorite mods, and best updates to the community. In addition, this topic will also include the MP history books, for those achievements that will never be broken. However, only serious contributions will be accepted into this category. Rules of submitting: 1) The record must be submitted by the record setter 2) The record must include proof in form of a video or a screenshot 3) Proof must display the record clearly (names, numbers, etc.) 4) Group records must include names of all participants (records marked with R4X don't have to) 5) Records must be original OR must beat a previous record 6) Records must be done mostly in MP 7) Records beaten/set using SAVE EDITING won't be accepted. If a newly submitted record beats a previously set one, the old one is replaced by the new. Kick/Ban records will not be accepted. Records breaking MP rules will not be accepted but will be reported Any and all rules are subject to change at short notice. TruckersMP Records Committee @.::Cheetah::. @ThatCrazyPillow
  3. Hello Truckers of the Multiplayer! I got sometimes banned (almost all got revoked) in the last time and often there was the "x y for history" and I wonder when a "for history" applies, I mean how long must a offence be ago that it can't be taken "for history" And if "@banbymistake's" count there Thanks to everyone who replies and happy Trucking!
  4. tattytate

    Ban history ?

    Morning all how do I look up MY ban history or any other offence history relating to in game play (not the forum ) ? and are all offences listed ? Thanks for any help
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