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Found 11 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Vehicles carrying trailers shown in the GPS. Suggestion Description: Nowadays in the GPS it only appears a circle of the vehicle and what I suggest is to add like a rectangle showing trailers behind the circle. Any example images: No, sorry. Why should it be added?: It would be very helpful for admins and players in general to see where there are trailers left away in the middle of the freeway, whether if a truck has or not a trailer or even cars, avoiding many accidents.
  2. So i found a Hungarian voice navigation, which is quite better than the english one (because of my language) and it feels better. So when the mp support is out can i use a mod like this?
  3. Suggestion Name: Camera on GPS Suggestion Description: Allow the use of a camera in the GPS. Any example images: Why should it be added?: For better driving with the other cameras.
  4. Suggestion Name: GPS Addon for ETS2Map Suggestion Description: I think it will be of great help to the players that the online map has the GPS feature to draw routes. With this feature, in addition to monitoring traffic in real time, the player can have its route in easy view. Why should it be added? For me it will be a great help, and I think it will help all the players that, like me, use the open map on a second screen and prefer to be guided by it, instead of the in-game map Regards, Maninho Staruck
  5. Suggestion Name: Gps real Suggestion Description: if it is possible for in the game a real gps that speaks? Why should it be added: Can make gameplay more realístic.
  6. Hey there, I know that this suggestion could probably only be handled by the SCS guys and not by the TruckersMP addon team but... How amazing would it be to have the option to set GPS routing preference on unexplored roads instead of secundary, best or shortest? It would not only help us reach that 100% map achievement which is becoming very hard with all the new intersections and fuel stations, but also increase player's entertainment ingame since new roads and new landscapes will be seen!
  7. Not all trucks in-game have built-in GPS navigation. Renaults for example, have no GPS. Recently, I started driving without using GPS (F5 disabled and no built-in navigation). Before I start a job, I check the route and then I disable the GPS map. I try to guide myself using the road signs and with my knowledge of topography. In my opinion driving this way is more realistic and also fun to do. I wonder if anyone else drives without GPS and do you also think it's more realistic? I would love to hear your opinion, thanks!
  8. Hey there Truckers, I was wondering if any of you guys know a mod for talking gps that i can use on ets2 MP, if so could you let me know where i can find it
  9. Добрый вечер! Видел тут как на яблоАппарат как то выводят информацию с GPS (карты), реально ли это осуществить по средствам ЮСБ или ethernet? Что для этого надо кроме проводов которые скрутить легко? Есть ПК (стационар) и старенький нэтбук который валяется без дела, задумался о такой идее, реально ли парни такое замутить? Спасибо за помощь заранее! PS : задача вроде бредовая, но с другой стороны чисто ради интереса, если получится то приспособлю только экран (сама база за монитором ПК будет), ну и думаю если получится то будет круто ))) PSS : играю на руле и из-за расположение стола, за самой баранкой не особо видно GPS
  10. Hi, it's my first sort-of dual suggestion in-one and I'm not that sure if this whole suggestion should be placed on truckersMP or SCS forums. If you know better, kindly advise me. Also if I get any points wrong, please give me a heads up. Open to any criticism/improvisation and/or rep if it's something you disagree/agree with. I've also searched in truckersmp forums but I don't think I've come across this suggestion. If I've missed it, kindly point me in the right direction thank you. Suggestion Name 1 & 2: Level crossings / railway tracks to appear in GPS. Distinct train horns and audio warnings before-at-and-after level crossings. Suggestion Description 1: Like in-real-life GPS, drivers will to be able to view railway tracks and potential level crossings ahead on their GPS. Dotted path in GPS for the suggested idea. Any example images 1: As you can see the black and white dotted path crosses roads; indication that there might be a level crossing/grade crossing/railway crossing and drivers can keep their eyes open. Why should it be added? My reason would be an indication is a safer step to take with regards to accidents/crashes happening. Plus it makes the GPS a little more realistic. I'm not a tech guy so pardon me if my suggestions require a lot of coding or work needed to get implemented and I don't realise it. I just wanted to suggest it coming from what I've experienced so far, be it in single player or MP. Suggestion Description 2: I do believe there are no audio warnings (only flashing lights and proper signage posts before and at the crossings in both ATS and ETS2) and would like to suggest them to be implemented. Also with regards to the trains themselves, it would be more realistic to hear train horns as they approach and that the horns get louder and louder as they cross the intersection and are the closest to you or softer and softer as they go by and further away from you. That way also if there's a pile up due to the crossing in MP, drivers at the back actually know what's going on and not think it's a troll blocking the road or something that they have to bring up the free cam just to check and see what it is. Any example images 2: (ATS example) An ETS2 example: (UK Example) (EU Example) Why should it be added? My reason would be an indication is a safer step to take with regards to accidents/crashes/heavy jams at crossings happening. Also makes it more realistic, and it doesn't matter if you're on your radio/music player or communicating in a convoy.. everyone hears that same audio warning indication and they know that it's an indication to slow down and open their eyes and ears to a level crossing ahead. Especially from the EU video example, note that the audio warnings and flashing warnings can be heard far away @ 00:30. Barriers begin coming down @ about 00:34-35 and fully down @00:47-48 and train goes by @01:00 so that makes a full 30 seconds. Thanks for reading through and apologies in advance if I've posted wrongly or got any facts wrong. Feel free to correct whatever mistakes I've made. Only posting this after doing some digging-up for information. I hope I somewhat got my point across and that it was the right points across.
  11. Czy jest możiwość aby mody do gpsa na renault i majestica działały na multi strasznie tego brakuje
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