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Found 5 results

  1. Hello guys and gals, Welcome to Ataris production. I have had Euro Truck Simulator 2 for over a year now, but have only recently played Multiplayer. I also like making videos and so i have recently made a gaming youtube channel. In there you will find Euro Truck Simulator 2 content every Monday, both Single player and Multiplayer Experiences. For my first post i would like to present my latest upload on youtube. This video is a compilation of the things that i have seen on Multiplayer for my first week. Im sure everyone has seen this type of things happen to them on Multiplayer, so to make the video interesting i have added funny edits and sound effects. I hope you enjoy the video as much as i did making it, and if you did please subscribe as it would mean a lot for me. Thanks
  2. Digital

    Easter Eggs

    This guide contains a list of all of the Easter Eggs in Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator. SCS Software have been sneaky, placing many of them around the map for us to find! Below is a list of all the easter eggs we've found so far, and I will continue to update as more are found. Last Updated: 17th April 2017 Euro Truck Simulator 2 Dinosaur Description: Although from the road it looks like ordinary walls, from the sky it appears to be a dinosaur! Location: Dover, United Kingdom Map American Truck Simulator Vivat Krokus Description: This is a message made out of bushes to spell out 'Vivat Krokus', which means 'Happy Easter', or 'Long Live The Easter Eggs'. (Thanks to RayRay5) Location: Redding, California Map Military Base Ducks Description: There are 3 rubber ducks which bounce up and down, attached to small boats that can be seen in the military base. Location: Pioche, Nevada Map LA River Duck Description: In one of LA's rivers is a duck attached to a boat being pulled around a small area. Location: Los Angeles, California Map Elephant Shrub Description: An elephant shaped from a shrub. Location: Pioche, Nevada Map Protesting Workers Description: There are a group of what appears to be workers protesting, with Police involved. There is also a dancing man on top of one of the roofs. Location: Pioche, Nevada Map Shack For Sale Description: A Shack MrCreeper's house at the side of the road with 2 'For Sale' signs pointing to it. Location: Pioche, Nevada Map UFO Screenshot to be updated Description: Many users claim to have spotted UFO's near Tonopah. On closer inspection these are 2 orange lights which fly across the sky. Location: Tonopah, Nevada Map Shadow Figure Description: This appears to be from the film 'Psycho' at Bates Motel. At night you can see a shadow figure in the window! Location: Bakersfield, California Map Rainbow Posters Description: There are 3 posters attached to a wall in Winnemucca which have rainbows and unicorns on them. Update: These can be seen on multiple walls around the map. Location: Winnemucca, Nevada Map Traffic Cone Monster Description: Also in Winnemucca are a bunch of traffic barrels shaped into a monster giving passing traffic a thumbs up! Location: Winnemucca, Nevada Map Traffic Cone Monster 2 Description: Another traffic cone monster appears near an airport on the 395. Location: Fresno, California Map Traffic Cone Monster 3 Description: A third traffic cone monster is located on the 89 between Flagstaff and Page. Location: Grand Canyon Village, Arizona Map Traffic Cone Monster 4 Description: A fourth traffic cone monster is located at the Bushnell Farms by Holbrook. Location: Holbrook, Arizona Map Traffic Cone Monster 5 Description: A fifth traffic cone monster is located in Phoenix. Location: Phoenix, Arizona Map Tucson Racetrack Description: In Tucson there is a hidden racetrack, only accessed via a road blocked with traffic cones. It also features another traffic cone monster, 'SCS' spelt with traffic cones and other props. Location: Tucson, Arizona Map Phoenix Sewers Description: In Phoenix you will notice a rather large sewage system, but did you know you can race in it? Location: Phoenix, Arizona Map Uncle Milan Description: Inside the Phoenix Sewers you can find a strange sign which says 'Uncle Milan is watching you!', along with some other funny props. Location: Phoenix, Arizona Map Zombies Ahead Description: On an unfinished road heading towards Utah, north of Kayenta is a sign that says 'warning zombies ahead'. Are there zombies in Utah? Location: Kayenta, Arizona Map Daytime Dancer Description: This guy can be spotted dancing only during the day on top of the bridge. Location: Kingman, Arizona Map Woman Sat In Tree Description: A woman can be found sitting in a tree next to a motel. Can only be seen in the day. Location: Redding, California Map Paris Metro Sign Description: A "Métro" sign (Paris subway). Location: Sacramento, California Map Found one not on this list? Please post a detailed description, a screenshot and the location below.
  3. In an effort to keep this section alive and well, I think this is a good way to try and bring some life here. I'm currently at work, so I don't have any pictures to post myself. What do you have? Please lets keep this to funny pictures (accidental glitches, true accidents with cooperating second parties, etc...) Easter egg finds, or stuff that's just generally interesting. Let's see what you got!
  4. We all know that Ets2 is a great game but while i played i found these highway signs wich are pretty funny 1st one is from Italy and yes u see. Its an german exit sign!!! 2nd one is from France yes SCS forgot to remove it 3rd and last one is from Denmark. I know it is for decoration since its out of the boundaries but I need to show u (there 2 of them)
  5. I inspired from Bruno Bozetto's vids and made it for ETS2MP! I hope you enjoy!
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