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Found 22 results

  1. I propose the implementation of a simple icon next to the distances to which each player is found in the tabulator. When there are many players in my area, it is difficult to see who is approaching and who is moving away, as you should see for a few seconds if the distance increases or decreases and a green icon could indicate if the player is approaching. and with a red if the player moves away or vice versa, as appropriate without distracting me as a driver since it is easier to see colors than numbers. This is useful when we want to pass another driver and see the tabulator to know if there are drivers coming from the front. This is an example Mark as useful if you support this proposal.
  2. I've come across many people who drive around 20 mph on a 50mph road on purpose, they have no cargo, just a empty trailer. When people try to lawfully pass them, they start speeding up on purpose. This usually ends in a crash, that these people knowingly did. How do you feel about these people?
  3. Heysa som overskriften siger så søger jeg voksne 18+ spillere der har lyst til at køre sammen jeg spiller primært ATS men en gang imellem spiller jeg da også ETS2 jeg har lidt regler/krav til dem jeg vil kører med da jeg desværre har oplevet folk der ikke har kunnet finde ud af at opføre sig ordenligt hvilket der jo desværre er alt for mange der ikke kan men her er de krav jeg har og de burde være ret fair og så har jeg også valgt at skrive nedeunder hvordan jeg selv kører så i kan danne jer et indtryk af det Krav til dig: 1. Du kører pænt! 2. Du blinker altid af når du drejer 3. Du råber og skriger ikke som et andet lille pattebarn der ikke får sin vilje når vi snakker sammen 4. Du har Discord eller er villig til at få det da jeg altid snakker med dem jeg skal kører sammen med 5. Du er voksen altså 18+ mindst Om min kørsel: 1. Jeg prøver så vidt det er muligt altid at køre pænt men kan ikke gøre for hvis der er lagg 2. Jeg blinker ALTID af 3. Jeg overhaler ikke når der er dobbelt striber/spærre linjer og det ser jeg helst heller ikke at du gør 4. Jeg kører normalt overfor rødt lys HVIS der ikke er nogen tæt på i området og ellers holder jeg self. pænt tilbage hvis der er andre i området 5. I ATS kører jeg uden fartbegrænser på så dvs. at jeg ikke kører eksterne konkrakter men fra fragt centret af 6. I ETS2 der kører jeg KUN 90 KM/t så der kører jeg også kun eksterne kontrakter da jeg ikke bryder mig om at kører hurtigere i dette spil Jeg håber ikke at i syntes at mine krav er for høje jeg ser selv at de er helt fair så det håber jeg da også at du er enig med mig i hvis du har lyst til at spille sammen med mig så kontakt mig gerne på Facebook hvor jeg hedder Lykke Sabine Poulsen jeg godkender ikke venneanmodninger men derfor kan man jo sagtens skrive en PB (Privat Besked) til mig derinde du er også velkommen til at skrive til mig her på TruckersMP siden men så vil der måske gå længere tid før jeg svarer end hvis du skrev på Facebook
  4. Have I lost my mind? Have I gone crazy? No. I am a new user. All I want, is to be able to drive around people who exercise common logic. The other day I overtook a truck without trailer (I did it by the book) but the guy rammed me a bit later for no apparent reason. I ended up repairing my truck, trashing the cargo, and gaining neither experience points nor money... I guess the guy who rammed me thought the server belonged to him... (His name tag was this: ??????) I don't want to commit resources to continuously record video. I'm tired of children and/or trolls who use this service in order to spend their worthless (and waste our precious) time. Please consider turning this into a payed service so that we will be able to keep unwanted people out. Think of it as a nightclub that has a doorman who keeps problem-makers out. I'm talking about a symbolic payment, say, 1 euro every month, through PayPal. I believe that anyone who owns a gaming PC and games, but says they can't pay 1 euro a month, is a liar. A PayPal payment will ensure both anonymity for the user and the ability for the server admins to ban idiots for good... Please, please make it a payed service.
  5. hello , im kind of new to the game american truck simulator , i had the game 5 days and put over 90 hours into it , im working on building a small company and i seen a few players have nice ones , so i was wondering if there is any input anyone can give to help me out on how to build a good company. Thanks and stay lifted
  6. Зарегистрироваться на мероприятие на ETS2C Who will win the first Plume? Best European Drivers (Лучшие водители Европы) и Convoy Security Group представляют: Первый чемпионат по водительскому мастерству и ловкости, который пройдет в Кристиансанн! РАУНД 1/6 Difficulty : Что это? Это новое мероприятие, вдохновленное предыдущим чемпионатом "Young European Drivers" (Юные водители Европы), в котором вы должны пройти трассу за минимальное время в тяжелейших условиях (темнота, узкие участки дороги...) Возможно, вы спросите: "Как вы сделаете стены и препятствия?!" Это очень просто, чтобы немного усложить вам задачу, нам нужны ваши прицепы на время соревнований. Какого расписание? Server : #EU2 Мероприятие начнется в 13:00 по Гринвичу 14 февраля 2016 (расположение прицепов / прибытие зрителей) Соревнования начнутся в 14:00 по Гринвичу В 15-16 часов по Гринвичу начнется фестиваль методик и техник вождения, в это время вы сможете дать несколько советов остальным водителям. Зачем мне учавствовать? Если вы выиграете одно из пяти соревнований, вы получите право на участие в финале. Водитель, победивший в финале, получит American Truck Simulator или другую игру от SCS, размещение своей биографии и никнейма на нашем сайте! Остальные призы Вы можете найти в анкете, которая называется: "Postulation for drivers" Если вы считаете себя лучшим водителем в Европе и у Вас хороший компьютер, нажимайте! Если Вы считаете, что еще не готовы учавствовать, то вы можете посмотреть чемпионат на нашем YouTube канале, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter и сайте. Big thanks to Leeemur for his help to translate! Waiting the day!!!
  7. I played my first MP Trucker session last night doing a long haul from Elko to Kingsman. I had $35,000 in the bank, a $14,000 delivery load, and an extra driver making about $500 a trip. After completing the long haul, I proceeded to fill-up on gas and refill on some sleep at a rest stop. Here is where the funny part happens. Immediately after resting, my cash balance sky-rocketed to over $35,000,000 in the bank, and my extra driver went from day 18 to day 410 something and was making over $10,000 a trip and all his skill levels were maxed out. WTF just happened? Did I somehow sleep for over a year or something? The $35,000,000 in the bank made it easy for me to buy two garages and multiple drivers, but I really hate this because it destroyed all my hard effort and fun out of this career mode. Is there anyway for an admin to take money out of my ATS bank and reset me back to where I was? .....plus with interest of course. Thanks.
  8. Do hired drivers work in MP? My driver doesn't seem to bring me any money, even after a few hours. (I only have one driver so far) And no, I didn't use this profile in singleplayer so there's no time difference.
  9. BEST EUROPEAN DRIVERS SUR NOUS Nous organisons des événements spéciaux comme des championnats d'agilité et de technique avec l'accord des admins. Nous sommes comme un réseau social des techniques utilisées pour les meilleurs d'entre vous! Nous cherchons aussi des bons monteurs vidéo. CRITÈRES REQUIS Avoir TeamSpeak, Skype et un microphone qui fonctionne Essayer d'être présent chaque Week-End NOS EVÈNEMENTS Pour le moment, nous commençons à organiser des championnats de routiers en 5 manches. Chaque gagnant des 5 événements vont s'affronter pour la place du gagnant suprême : il va gagner un prix et comme les autres, de la gratitude d'avoir participé mais aussi d'avoir gagné sur sa manche ainsi qu'un "surnom" pour avoie été l'un des meilleurs conducteurs de la saison. Vous pouvez trouver plus d'informations sur notre site internet. CONTACTEZ NOUS Notre site Notre Teamspeak : ts14.freets3.net:10397 Mon skype : nonomaire1 Notre chaîne YouTube Nous espérons vous voir à nos événements (contactez nous avant de venir) Bonne chance sur les routes d'Europe!
  10. Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this posting. My name is william and I am the owner of the company called Texas Transports LLC. Today and over the last couple of hours I have had some close encounters with drivers who apparently do not know how to enter the roadway correctly so i thought i would bring some light to this. When you are on the side of the road and are about to enter the roadway please do not turn directly into the right lane as if you are making a turn. The reason for this is when another player is coming down the roadway and possibly at a high rate of speed their reaction time is reduced. Thus being said if a player is hauling a heavy load they can not slow down quick enough for may not be able to avoid you. please merge onto the roadway slightly but remain in your lane. if possible wait until the player passes you and then proceed onto the roadway. I have had several close calls today where I had to nearly hit the guardrail to avoid hitting someone. Use a little common sense and respect to those who are around you. Remember yes it is a computer game but it is also a simulation game and thus being said there are some drivers who play this game as real as they can. I luckily was able to avoid each truck coming onto the roadway without causing any damage to myself or their truck as well.
  11. Guest

    Bad Drivers of ETS2

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this posting. My name is william and I am a 35 year old white male who is from the state of Texas. I own my company on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator called Texas Transports LLC and I have thought i would bring this to the table. When I drive on Euro Truck Simulator 2 I try and drive professionally. I try and use my turn signals when possible and try and pass other players with ease and care but you have a few who really test the waters. There are times when players will pass by me and then cut right in front of me causing me to lock up the brakes and swerve off the road to avoid making contact with them. Now what is the logic behind such actions I have no clue. I have drivers who come up on my side and then slowly move over into my truck which sometimes results in me wrecking. Driving like this is not polite nor respectful and should be addressed. I am from the United States of America and I have the right to play any game just like any other human does. If you do not like someone because they are from another country that is your choice but it does not give you the right to force them off the road or cause them to wreck. when playing this game we play to have fun and make friends to talk to or whatever. But last time I checked it was called Euro Truck Simulator 2 and not Euro Truck Simulator 2 demolition. I am asking that when you pass another player on this game please do it with safe distance and ease. If you see me on the road give me room as I will do the same if I am able. I do not judge people because of where they are from and neither should those who play the game. I know this because several times I have been told that I am a stupid american and that is rude and disrespectful but you know what I just ignore them because at the end of the day it is just a game. But with all the ramming and cutting people off and all that how is a new player on this game to make any money when the money he does make goes to repairs and all. Thank you for reading this and please comment on it below
  12. Guest

    Texas Transports LLC

    Hello and good morning, good afternoon or good evening wherever you might be. My name is William and I am the proud owner of Texas Transports LLC which is well respected on the game called American Truck Simulator 2. Due to the recent update that they did for both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 a lot of players are noticing major lag on American Truck Simulator. You are not alone. I have the same issue and it is to the point where I do not even care to play the game again in multiplayer. I am good with single player. at least I am not stretched on time and dealing with stupid and other stuff that I rather not mention on here. In my opinion if they do not get the lagging issue fixed and stop with the stupid non-sense updates American Truck Simulator is going to lose a lot more players then what they have already been losing. I generally play Euro Truck Simulator 2 for multiplayer and then American Truck Simulator for single player. The recent update has some nice features to the game but at the same time has some major flaws and they need to be addressed.
  13. As we know on the TruckersMP website, there is a "Real Time Map" for Euro Truck Simulator 2 I have a couple of questions and suggestions. My question is; is there going to be a "Real Time Map" for American Truck Simulator, if so when do you predict it will be released? I think having a ATS real time map is useful because if there is traffic problems in the particular server you can avoid them by choosing a different route, this brings me to one of my suggestions. I think on the real time map (both ATS & ETS2) there should be colored lines on the roads to show traffic in the particular road/highway (ex. red = high yellow = usual green = a little bit) I realize this would take a lot of time to code in but I think it would be worth it in the end. Let me know your thoughts on this idea, good? bad? Thanks, Max, (know as maxreid432)
  14. Best European Drivers Présente sa nouvelle saison sur American Truck Simulator. Comme American Truck Simulator va bientôt sortir, nous avons déjà préparé une nouvelle saison à Los Angeles près de Santa Monica Beach! Être les premiers à organiser est un énorme enjeux pour nous faire connaître, pour VOUS faire connaître ainsi que votre Entreprise Virtuelle. Pour le moment, nous n'avons pas de lieux précis mais nous avons repéré certains endroits susceptibles d'être aptes à nos events. Il y aura de la marche arrière, des virages à angles morts... Je ne vais pas faire un pavé, si vous voulez participer, remplissez le formulaire de réservation de places. Et tout est expliqué sur notre site internet. Vous vous poserez peut-être la question du nom de notre entreprise qui est un peux en retard par rapport à nos activités. En réponse, je n'ai que cette image.
  15. Rejoignez sur ETS2C Qui va gagner la première Plume? Best European Drivers et le Convoy Security Group presentent : Le premier Championat d'agilité et de techniques à Kristiansand! MANCHE 1/6 Difficulté : Qu'est-ce? Ce nouveau concept inspiré de "Young European Drivers" consiste à faire le meilleur temps dans les pires condition (Sombre, serré...) Vous demandrez peut-être : "Comment faites-vous pour faire des obstacles?!" C'est très simple, nous voulons juste que vous donniez votre remorque le temps de l'event! Quel sera l'emploi du temps? Serveur : #EU2 L'évent commencera le 14/02/2016 à 1 PM GMT (Placement des remorques / arrivée des spectateurs) 2 PM GMT (Passage des pilotes) 3 or 4 PM GMT (Festival des techniques , montrez vos astuces aux autres) Pourquoi faire ça? Si vous gagnez un des 5 évents,vous aurez une place en finale. Le gagnant de la finale pourra gagner American Truck Simulator ou un autre jeu / DLC de chez SCS, une biographie sur notre site web et un surnom! Vous pouvez trouver les autres prix sur le formulaire nommé : "Postulation for drivers" Si vous pensez que vous êtes le Best European Driver, clickez ici! Et si vous ne vous sentez pas prêts, vous pouvez toujours le regarder via : notre YouTube channel, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Site web J'attend impatiament ce jour!!!
  16. Join in ETS2C Who will win the first Plume? Best European Drivers and the Convoy Security Group present : The very first Championship of agility and techniques to Kristiansand! ROUND 1/6 Difficulty : What is it? This new concept inspired of the "Young European Drivers" consist to make the best time in the hardest conditions (dark, tight...) You will maybe ask : "How do you do for the walls?!" That's very simple, we just need you to give your trailer for the time of this event to add some difficulty! What is the timetable? Server : #EU2 The event will start the 02/14/2016 at 1 PM GMT (Placement of trailers / arrival of spectators) 2 PM GMT (Starting of the drivers) 3 or 4 PM GMT (Techniques festival, show your tips of driving to the others) Why do that? If you win one of the five events, you will have a place in final. The winner of the final could win American Truck Simulator or another SCS game, a biography on our website, a nickname and the first Plume! You can find the others prizes on the form named as : "Postulation for drivers" If you think you are the Best European Driver and you have a good cumputer, click here! And if you don't feel ready you can still watch it via : Our YouTube channel, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Website Waiting this day!!!
  17. If there is now fitting option for you, comment down and I'll add it. P.S. Votes aren't public so any judging cannot be done. This poll was made for curiosity.
  18. My friend and I are playing ets2mp, and we were confused that our workers werent working, I checked mine, nothing special, 19 hours and 30, but then my friend checked, and it was 2000 hours? what???
  19. Hi guys, since i started building my own company with 4 drivers employed, they all did about 31 jobs now they stopped delivering. Everytime i log in, after the game gets the server time, my drivers claim to need 100+ hours to get to their destination. I tried economy resets etc. but without luck. Should i just fire them and sell the trucks? Seems like a major bug to me, because it worked fine the last 2 weeks, then after the last update i played hours and hours without any of my drivers arriving somewhere... THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!! Even without employees ist a great game and fun to play every day! Greetings from Germany, Philipp
  20. I currently have about 150 drivers, but one of the steam achievements is to have a garage at all cities. I'm about half way to getting that achievement, but the game will no longer let me have any more AI drivers. Kinda pointless having a garage if you cannot put drivers into it. I can understand the SCS team wanting to cut down on how many AI drivers the game has to load, but the standard single player runs fine on my system, so surely they could put an option to have more AI drivers if your system can handle it. Also is there anyway to override this limit? Would be nice to get a few more AI drivers to add to my company.
  21. Hallo...a have a prroblem. I wanted to try ETS MP... but I go back to my SG and my driver have been in work 3000+ hours. Yes, I know, ETS MP is beta and have bugs, I had to create another profile. What I need...need any program to open drivers config in documents and overwrite it to 2h back. Or is there any other way to fix this ?
  22. Hello, I am palying pure multiplayer, no singleplayer and I've upgraded my garage recently, bought 2 trucks and hired 2 drivers. Since that time the drivers haven't done a single job, their state is "resting". I tried to wait, but after 7 jobs completed by me they are still not working. Is there any way to fix that, please? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you. PS: I have not played singleplayer on this version, I got only one MP profile, pure multiplayer driving, so the bug mentioned in FAQ about damaged profile from singleplayer is not this case.
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