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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I was unable to post this in the developer section, so hopefully someone can move it to the right place. I am trying to use the Truckers MP PHP API package with Laravel. I have the following code to get the servers and cache them: $servers = Cache::remember('servers', 10, function () { if (Cache::has('servers')) { return Cache::get('servers'); } else { $client = new Client(); return $client->servers()->get(); } }); return view('layouts.servers', ['servers' => $servers]); I don't think it is working correctly because it seems to refresh quicker than the cache duration (10 minutes). Not sure what's missing or wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hello I've been playing ETS2MP And I have a question when I connect and take truck from labor exchange and everytime I press drive and it loads the server when it loaded up then it says I need to hurry up cause' manager is waiting for me to come (I don't have a truck and when I press drive and start work it says what I just said in that text I need help is this a glitch?)
  3. What coding languages do you know? I know: HTML CSS A bit of C++ I want to learn JS so I can get to making amazing websites ect and I want to learn more C++. I think coding helps me recover after getting banned from TMP for "ramming" but yeah. What do you know/what do you want to learn?
  4. Developers These days Valve officially announced that a new version of steam designed for Chinese region, 蒸汽平台 (Zheng Qi Ping Tai, the Chinese translation of steam platform), will be released only for Chinese players to access to games, including ETS2 and ATS. ZhengQi (abbr. of chinese steam platform) seems to be an independent platform of steam, which means TruckersMP could no longer able to access steam game process in China. So would it possible if TruckersMP add API to that recently announced Chinese steam platform? relative links: https://www.pcgamer.com/steam-china-will-be-almost-entirely-independent-of-steam/ https://www.pcgamer.com/valve-and-perfect-world-are-bringing-steam-to-china/ I hereby appreciate your further considerations and related supports of any type. Edmund, Chenxi-VTC Translator & Media Aug 22, 2019
  5. Dear Devs, Admins, Moderator, Supporter,... I have rummage in your Webside. I have seen an "mistake". The server "Europe 2" has an speedlimiter. the speedlimiter is 150 Km/h. Suggestion Name: Wrong Status informations Suggestion Description: Wrong speedlimiter in "Europe 2" Why should it be added?: Because it is true (sorry, but it is) Any example images: You can see it here: https://truckersmp.com/status
  6. Hey guys, i hope this is the right section. I am in need of a software developer or someone who knows how to work with Java I can pay for work done but I'm not loaded so reasonable amount I will not go into detail about the requested project but they need to know enough about Euro Truck Simulator to complete the task, hit me up with a message,
  7. best truckersmp when does the update 1.32 for multiplayer? I think it's a super nice addition
  8. Hello, I noticed that today Kat_pw was doing a livestream, he was doing the CCTV. And i was wondering if it was possible for me to also be able to do something like that. I have got the camera enabled but i can't see any trucks on it if i stay at Dover and go to Newcastle.
  9. What features of the console commands work in MP? The camera works fine but I tried teleporting to another city and once I fly there, I cannot F9 my truck there. What console commands or developer features work in MP? TIA.
  10. Nazwa Sugestii : Mapa zleceń a jej brak. Opis Sugestii :Hej, od dwóch tygodni pykam sobie w ETS2mp/ATS, i mam taki problem. To znaczy. Podczas brania zleceń zewnętrznych nie mogę wybrać miasta. Bo są nie odkrytę. pomimo że mam je odkryte. Na innych zleceniach to działa, więc chciałbym abyście dodali takie coś jak w pozostałych zleceniach. Przykładowe obrazki : http://imgur.com/a/WJ6kY Dlaczego twoja sugestia a nie inna? :Bo to wkurzające.
  11. Understanding the struggle! The main aim to this is to answer; Should we have the speed limiter or not? Well, as far as the vast majority of the community is concerned NO! And as much as I agree with this vast majority I think that their may be reasoning behind continually toggling the SL. If we look a bit deeper you see the devs of ETS2MP need to make some form of income to keep the servers running, to keep their kettles full and their coffee supply topped up, and ultimately to make the game better for everyone. Something I think many people seem to forget is what stage we are at in the process of development; Yup, that's right, it's still in alpha stages. That means a great deal and people need to understand that this mod is still in need of some serious work, and the devs need to have access to many things for this serious work to take place, with it being the modern world nothing is free, and if it isn't free it costs money; repeat it costs money. The players on this mod and the visitors to the forum are just about the only source of income for this vital funding, without it this mod wouldn't have got to where it is now. Now for the main point; why are the devs so undeciscive on the fate of the speed limiter? Of course there are many, many different reasons for it, but I'm going to make note of a couple I think are relevant and and might be more than just opinion. The most relevent in my mind is the biggest focus for almost any business (which ETS2MP kinda falls under) on the planet, and that is customer satisfaction. It is the start to all businesses, no happy customers no money. The devs are trying to make the mod balanced for everyone, and trying to make everyone happy, with such varying equiptment be it bad computer or stuck wih a keyboard for controls, everyone here (99%) is using a different setup. Oh, yeah I can't forget the "newbs", which is a term that I personaly dislike, since It seems to me as if it an insult to people that haven't had the time to gain experience in the game. A million moons ago I couldn't park for s**t, and had to put up with some less desireable members of the community, but there is one thing that is shining as bright as the sun when relaying all this negativity, and that is: not many people here fall into the class of "UnDesirable". Bearing this in mind, the devs have a huge task on their shoulders when trying to draw a line between the several different skill levels, and I'm honestly not surprised that so many people are throwing rocks at mwl4 for his recent desiscion, however we need to calm down and understand that, as amazing as he is, his job of juggling a thousand bricks is something he will likely never master completely. Let's discuss some of the point's of view that the community might have toward the recent choice to disable the speed limiter. PRO'S (why the limiter should be off): The players in the community which have been playing for less time than the majority ( "newbs" ), are going to find it easier to control their truck, and will have less situations in which they find themseleves struggling to complete the task at hand, be it taking a corner at high speed, stopping for a red light, or staying in lane while a faster truck passes, all of these activities and many more are made drasticly easier when the trucks are limited to 90kph. Trolls are hampered in their daily act of being annoying little [INSERT SWEAR WORD]'s, what I have gathered from my time playing the mod (well over 1/2 dozen months)is that trolls will get modded profiles with a ton of money, and get a pimped out scania/volvo so they can speed past a large amount of the players easier. There are so many ways for a troll to troll you, bu if they can't get past you they can't block you for a start. To finish off with, something that most won't be able to connect with as well as the previous ideas; The mods in-game have a huge weight thrown on their shoulders as it is, without the speedlimiter turned on. They handle 100s (guessing) of reports a day at least, and bumping that up to two or three times as much doesn't do them any good, as much as it might seem that they do little, they help the players a ton and are a vital building block to the mods success. CON'S (why the limiter should be on): 90% of the community are able to control their truck and most importantly control themselves and the way they conduct themselves toward other members, I for one have never been kicked (other than for ping) or banned from the game or forum, and I can see no reason why I should be, notably most of you reading this will be of a similar standard and will behave in the game and forums. The game is much more of a challenge with the speed limiter off, you have to actually think about what you are doing, and this increases the fun factor a minimum of ten-fold, without this extra boost of hype, the game is the same all the time; same speed, no players, no challenge, no interaction with other players etc. but taking those fundamental elements away is like removing the foundations from a house, it's only so long before it all crumbles to dust. Convoys are smacked in the face by the speed limiter, and i'm sure you know why, but here goes. You're driving along n a convoy and one of you clip the corner, that player has now slowed down a fair bit and will likely fail to catch up because if you both max out at 90kmh it's impossible to catch up, but this is only one side of the convoy story... This being less of a fact and more an opinionated statement, but the community is so much happier as a whole with the speed limiter turned off, it just is. Wrapping that all up we notice that it is fairly balanced in terms of quantity, but in terms of quality the cons are stronger in my opinion, the points for keeping the limiter off outweigh the opposition in terms of keeping the majority of the community happy, and when you are a relatively small team, like the ETS2MP team (I mean the developer sort of area of the team), the more happy community members you have the better the business (whatever you want to call it) is going to grow. I can still remember when the community was very small and there was no complaining, everyone was happy and people were incredibly supportive no matter what the update may have done to the game, that was one time in which I felt great about humanity, this comunity is slowly dragging my faith in humanity away, I love the community here, but sometimes people get too hyped and angered and don't realize what is going on behind the scenes to keep this mod alive and kicking. I understand peoples struggles and I understand people aren't always getting what they want, but like stated previously the devs are doing their best and they can do no better than that! Finally, I want to say thank you to the ETS2MP team for creating what is turning to be one of the greatest things in my life, and thanks to the community as well for being so strong and for being there for each other, I hope you have a wonderful easter! Salamander115
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