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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone! Will there be an Autumn mod this fall as there has been other years? I have tried to search and I can't find any information about it this year.
  2. Good afternoon. Do you plan to synchronize the weather for all players on the server? Because not very pleased to go and look as each goes to under sun, and have you on computer rain goes in entire and only you wave your wipers. Will there ever be such a thing or can you forget??
  3. Suggestion Name: Synchronising Weather with ability to toggle on/off Suggestion Description: Many people want weather to be synchronised right? But there's a minority that don't as well, what about having synchronised weather but the ability to turn it on/off for those with low-end PCs or who dont like rain. Any example images: Why should it be added?: It would add to the realism/simulation that TruckersMP is wanting, and it would be quite nice to have synchronised weather, plus people who don't like it can turn it off.
  4. Hello, I'm comming to you guys with problem in ETS2MP. My weather is broken or something, all the time is "snowing" (look at photo). Can I do something with it? Someone has same problem?
  5. Suggestion Name: New season mods in TMP Suggestion Description: Add Spring, Summer and Autumn weather mods from Grimes as an optional mod Any example images: Why should it be added?: Winter mod is already present in the mp and many people liked it, not all of them because of the physics add-on but nvm, so why not adding the remaining seasons too? It would be cool to see fields covered in flowers and yellow/red leaves on the ground. Greetings -Falco
  6. I t seems like every now and then this topic is brought up and talked about amongst the trucking community. This feature is being implemented in other trucking games with some great success and this would be a great feature that would set TMP apart not only from other mods like Pro-mods, but other trucking games in general. I have no idea if this would even be possible with the current server setup but is something I think merits some consideration.
  7. Syncing weather and road events: Suggestion Description: Heya. I have an idea what we could add to tmp. As you may know currently in truckersmp weather and random road events arent synced. I am aware that these 2 things are very hard to complete. But since the time is synced why not set up a cycle that in certain ammount of time (example every 30 minutes it would rain or whatever. It can be set up to different parts of map for example) imagine the possibilities it could bring. Having snow for everyone so everyone would need to slow down since they wouldnt be able to see. Moving on. Synced road works. Again it would create more realistic behaviour in drivers playing the game. Roadworks car crashes etc. It would make the game experience in multiplayer feel more real. Ofcourse it would need to be set up correctly so we dont get random road works on calais duisburg road. Any example images: Pictures Not Needed. Why should it be implemented: I would say it would create more realistic scenarious and behaviour in players. The roads are slippery when it rains - this is already a thing in game. Why not bring it even further by syncing weather so people would have to behave correctly. Why it should be implemented? Realism and realistic behaviour in players. More fun due to some traffic jams. And so on ill be happy to answer any questions regarding my idea. And ill be happy to hear your opinions on this. Thank you for your time. Sincerly Matthew P. / TheGoodGuy1515 Have a good day P.S: i am aware i suggested 2 topics. I believe it could still be accepted as one Topic for the reason i am discussing syncing already existing items. Thank you,
  8. Guest

    weather changed by console

    Hello everyone, i have a question ? we have the right to use the console in the game (multiplayer) for changed the weather rain,sunny ect... ? Thanks you advance for the answers. Cordially.
  9. im sure other people just like me are tired of the weather being messed up. you can take the snow mod away do to it not snowing anymore and bring back the rain/fog! and make a easier way to report people!
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