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Found 6 results

  1. I can't edit my in-game load !! Steam Cloud and Game Cloud are already disabled HELP '-'
  2. Недавно я попытался воспользоваться программой Virtual Speditor(Последней версии), но на компе не было профиля. Я отключился от Steam Cloud, профиль появился, я поиграл 5 дней, потом опять попытался найти сохранение в Virtual Speditor, но там были только 3-ёх дневной давности. Кто-нибудь сталкивался с такой проблемой или догадывается как её решить?
  3. So i am gonna be straight to the point. I just got some of my friends to get ets2 and then truckers, and we've been experimenting ways to get the same jobs. Now i have found virtual speditor and used it successfully one time, however ever since when i try to use it again following the same stepts, in game i get the lovely game change detected screen and my job is nowhere to be found. Any tips on how to fix this, or if you guys have any better ways of syncing jobs? Thanks in advance
  4. In the last couple of days, we are driving around with a lot of random people. To be able to drive together, having the same load and having to deliver at the same location and company, we use the program Virtual Speditor. It seems that a lot of people are having issues with that program, so I created an easy to understand tutorial video to help those people out. https://youtu.be/bApqyvgFIt8 Go check it out! ?
  5. Siemka mam mały problem z wyżej wymienionym programem, a tak właściwie to z profilem w którym są zapisy gry. Po prostu go nie widzę albo nie wiem gdzie szukać poniżej daje screena liczę na pomoc :)
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