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  1. when you are without a trailer it is easy to pass someone who is within 80km, but when you are with a trailer it is difficult to pass, it is dangerous... that is the question... if you take into account your statement that everyone will walk at the speed limit, no one should overtake because everyone will be at the limit... you have to take into account trailer size, load weight and truck power!!! another thing you said "if the driver in front accelerates, brake and go back to the previous position (behind him)", then another problem occurs, the 3.4.5.... truck coming behind won't let you return...
  2. Good evening everyone !!!! from my point of view, the speed limit would have to be increased to 130km, for the best safety of all....why? because some drivers when they are at 80km do not take their foot off the accelerator for the driver behind to make a safe overtaking. many of these drivers accelerate when they are going to be passed, thus equaling the speed of those who want to pass them and causing accidents without their being to blame.. I suggest changing TEST to 130km, if the accidents continue, leave it as it was at 110km... when you didn't have the speed limiter, many accidents happened not because of the high speed itself, but because of the experience of some drivers who didn't slow down on tight corners !!!!
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