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Found 17 results

  1. Can anyone tell me what to do ? I tried old methodes uploaded on this website and it didn't work.
  2. I have reinstalled my game multiple times and have downgraded the game to non opt of all betas and still wont let me play on mutliplayer. what should I do to correct this?
  3. English:My ETS2 version is already 1.33x but launcher senses my version is 1.31 i deleted launcher and downloaded again,changed version by the steam betas but i can't solve my problem guys, can you help me? link of screenshot: https://i.hizliresim.com/OvL4VA.png Türkçe:Arkadaşlar dün ets2 indirdim,oynama saatim de tam fakat oyunu multiplayer olarak çalıştırmaya çalıştığımda unsupported version hatası veriyor ve sürümümü 1.31 olarak algılıyor,steam betalarından da 1.33x i seçtim fakat çözüm bulamıyorum,yardımcı olur musunuz? ekran görüntüsü linki: https://i.hizliresim.com/OvL4VA
  4. Hello Truckers. A few days ago there was a 100ish mb Update of Àmerican truck simulator, Since then I have had trouble firing the game via Truckmp i gets this error message. Unsupported game version! Expected : ver. [rev. 26b14bb7315] You have : ver. i Have tryed to rollback the game and reinstall the game.. also reinstall truckermp.. but with no luck i dont think i'm the onlyone with this problem i see the server population have been down the few last days. Are there a Fix on the way? 1 file attachment Best Regards Crashdive
  5. Bien le bonjour ! Je suppose que si vous êtes venu sur ce topic, c'est que vous êtes en détresse ! Vous avez depuis récemment ce message d’erreur qui apparaît quand vous lancez le multijoueur: Pas de panique! Tout va bien, c'est que SCS Software (l'éditeur du jeu) à mis à jour Euro Truck Simulator / American Truck Simulator mais que le multijoueur lui, est encore sur l'ancienne version du jeu. Donc pour cela, nous allons devoir faire descendre notre jeu d'une version pour qu'il soit compatible avec la version du Multijoueur, et c'est assez simpl
  6. Although I want to keep up to date Euro truck simulator 2 Unsupported game version Detected the error please help.
  7. Hello all! Sorry for my english! I played ETS2 yesterday (muliplayer). But today I can't enter to multiplayer mod (see attached image). Please help me! Note: I read these 2 pages (but these didn't help me):
  8. Di recente, avviando il client di TruckersMP, ho riscontrato questo errore: http://prntscr.com/form7b Ho provato a cambiare la versione di Euro Truck Simulator 2, come suggerito in alcune discussioni, presenti anche su questo forum ma nulla (http://prntscr.com/foro3r) Come posso risolvere questo problema? Anche un'altro utente ha riscontrato oggi questo problema.
  9. Whenever I try to open ETS2 it greets me with a message stating: "unsupported game version detected! Expected ver. [rev. 80ae61ed1396] You Have: ver. Image Shown here: When I try to hit the yes button, nothing happens, and the program crashes. I have tried to find help on the forums, but nothing I try seems to work... Any recommendations? I have made sure to set my beda to NONE, as shown in the photo below.
  10. So. I've been trying for weeks and i still have no solution! I have created a ticket and noone has yet replied. So what's happening is this: It comes up with that text (Image attached below) and when i click 'Yes'. The game stops responding. When i click No, the application suddenly ends. I have checked and my game is on OPT all betas. Help me!
  11. Hi, My TruckersMP launcher is telling me i have an unsupported game version, but i can't find the version i should downgrade to... This is what the launcher tells me: Unsupported game version detected! Expected: ver. [rev. a424d9952059] You have: ver. Do you need help with changing the game version? What should i do??
  12. Cześć! Dziś zaktualizowała mi się wersja ETS2 na Steam z do wersji co spowodowało wywalenie fatalnego błędu TruckersMP. Ktoś z Was wie, kiedy można spodziewać się aktualizacji TMP do najnowszej wersji gry? Pozdrawiam, Sonix
  13. I can't seem to get onto ets2 multiplayer anymore, when i click launch ets2 on truckersmp it says "unsupported game version" expected ver. [rev. efe609831b6b] you have ver how can i fix this ? I was online earlier :/ thanks
  14. Hey there! Today, ETS2 got new update and I installed it. After that, I wanted to play multiplayer mode and I couldn't get in because of unsupported game version. I tried to change it to old version but ruined it. Somehow I turned back to version but still couldn't play on multiplayer version. So, I am a little bit afraid to change old version to play online. Can somebody tell me that which one should i change? Safe Drives!
  15. ı bought ets 2 2 days ago and download ets2 multiplayer but ıt was not work .System want to 1.24.22 what can ı do ?
  16. I really need help with an ongoing issue in American Truck Simulator Multiplayer. Whenever I try to launch multiplayer, I get the fatal error: Unsupported game version detected! To play you need to have American Truck Simulator v. [f84fd2f0a569] ! Do you need help with downgrading? When I click "yes", I get "sorry, we couldn't find that!" I've tried switching my game version to the beta "temporary_1_0 - 1.0.x for incompatible mods" and I got the same error. Please help. I was able to play multiplayer on my other computer and I'm not able to play on this one. I've also tried
  17. Hello fellow Trucker, I did not play ATS for a while and i wanted to play today. ,So at first i had some updates to do since my Launcher was outdated i went on the website and downloaded the last version that is has the picture show here and my game is also v and installed ATS Multiplayer but then i got some error, I looked around on the forums and found out some solution but nothing worked. So this is what happened to me So i looked around and found a post about how to downgrading so i try but still does not work
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