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  1. Yeah, I am satisfied with all these answers. Thanks guys for helping me.
  2. Hi there! I would like to report some cases. I recorded them and though that would be better if those guys get banned for a while to understand what game rules are. I checked the "reports" topic and i realized i need a truckersmp id for reporting people. On the post, there is a link to teach how to find it but it is broken now. So can somebody help me to find these ids? Also, i would like to know is there any platform except youtube to upload these videos and send to administration. Thansk for all. Regards
  3. Thanks for answers folks. I appreciate that. As I understand, there is no way to downgrade my version and I have to wait until new version of MP is released.
  4. Hey there! Today, ETS2 got new update and I installed it. After that, I wanted to play multiplayer mode and I couldn't get in because of unsupported game version. I tried to change it to old version but ruined it. Somehow I turned back to version but still couldn't play on multiplayer version. So, I am a little bit afraid to change old version to play online. Can somebody tell me that which one should i change? Safe Drives!
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