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Found 8 results

  1. Name: "Disable lights at southern ramp of Calais intersection" Description: The traffic lights at Calais intersection (North:Calais, South:Paris, East:Lille,West:Channel Tunnel) were recently added, and their purpose is to allow drivers from highway to turn on the carriageway, while there are lots of drivers coming out of Calais (whom they normally have to give right of way). The same treatment was applied for the southern part of intersection - however, the traffic coming from this direction is rather small, making the traffic lights rather useless, while also blocking drivers going north -> east (see images), which also turn negatively impacts the traffic from Calais to the first lights. In short, while the northern traffic lights help with the east -> north, direction, the southern ones complicate north -> east direction. The suggestion is therefore to fully disable the traffic lights (blinking amber, or turned off) on the southern intersection and letting only the signs lead the traffic flow. Images: See files Why should this be added: This is rather a revert of change, which has had a negative impact of the traffic - so the reasoning is "in order to improve traffic flow" (while also removing the likelihood of drivers breaking the law, namely blocking intersections).
  2. Suggestion Description: If I remember correctly, traffic lights in roadworks aren't synchronized. That means that every player does not see the green light at the same time which may result in a massive crash. Any example images: // Why should it be added?: Because it can prevent crashes from happening, especially with traffic lights that are located in road with a high density of traffic (the one in the Calais-Gonesse road)
  3. Suggestion Name: Traffic Lights at Calais intersection to Lille/Paris/Brussels Suggestion Description: This place is at high player counts mostly congested and lots of people don't give way at people coming from Calais or Brussels/Duisburg, The current situation is that there are people with pilot cars sometimes controlling it but that is not allowed for that purpose and they get kicked by admins/moderators. A solution for everyone will be, add traffic lights to the congestion like in ProMods, It gives everyone the solution to take their turn and will solve many problems. I think this could be possible since TruckersMP only needs to add some objects, this could be added with a patch. Any example images: Yes (source: ProMods) (In this last image, the cross/road block should be ignored, this is the route to Brussels/Liege from Calais but this route is disabled in ProMods.) Why should it be added?: It makes the traffic there more smoothly and gives everyone a chance of crossing the intersection when it is very busy. Resulting in less accidents.
  4. Hi there! I just got a ticket for going through a red signal. The signal changed from Green, to yellow, to red in just one second. A small bug that irritate drivers.
  5. Hello, I play on the #EU2 Server, and since yesterday I have a problem. I can only drive 90km/h and the traffic lights are not on. Why? ~Sry for the bad english~
  6. Hello truckers! New update launched is great! Loving now you can now see the number plates in windscreens and hotels are no collision! Howevr from 8PM-6AM The traffic lights, get stuck on red. Will this be fixed? And how long will it be until it's fixed?
  7. Guest

    Traffic Lights Stuck at Night

    Mod Version: 0.1.3 Controllers Used: Logitech G27 Description of Issue: In the EU #1 server, the traffic lights become stuck, between 8 PM and 6 AM in - game - time. How to reproduce:Go to any traffic light, (I tested this in Rotterdam on EU #1 server) between 8 PM - 6 AM in - game - time. Screenshots / Videos: N/A, (I can upload something later I'm in a rush if it's wanted by people.)
  8. Mod Version: Version 0.1.3 Controllers Used: Xbox360 for PC Description of Issue: All traffic lights are red & don't turn to green. But you still get fined! How to reproduce: - Screenshots / Videos: None.
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