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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, Want to publish a small opensource utility, which allows to synchronize cargoes between truckers. Website Hosted version : https://ft-t.github.io/ Source code : https://github.com/ft-t/ets2-sync Important x Currently, its in alpha stage, so in some cases it can break your save game, so please backup it before upload. x In order to use that tool, your save game should be saved with g_save_format 2 Supported games : x ETS 2 (1.38) x ETS 2 (1.37+) + ProMods 2.46 x ATS 2 (1.38) Description
  2. Hello, Truckers! I am pleased to present to you the VTC.World project. What is VTC.World? A community of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator players who are focused solely on the multiplayer TruckersMP. Your career in TruckersMP multiplayer. Network game profile VTC.World, which is stored on our servers. Joint delivery with friends with the same cargo and route. Always relevant cargos and jobs of the agencies. Online map and friends on the map. Events, organised by the administration and Virtua
  3. Suggestion Name: Synchronize tolls and roadworks lights. Suggestion Description: The roadworks lights are a big problem if a few friends and you do a convoy, you see the light green, but you friend doesn't. Also, I think the tolls should be sync too to became a game more realistic. Any example images: Not necessary Why should it be added?: Because the game becames more realistic and also the roadwork lights can be useful to the convoys. PD: I think that before the France DLC the tolls were synchronized, I do not know why that feature was removed. Sorry if there
  4. Title says it all. World of trucks profile is not getting data from game but when I uploaded the avatar on world of trucks profile it reflected on in game profile. But the data from game to world of trucks profile is not updating although it shows connected and when quiting game it some seconds to synchronise dats to world of trucks profile but nothing is there. Please help
  5. Hi, I see alot of convoys with the same paint jobs. I want to know how to do that. Please help me ty
  6. Не замечал подобного мануала в русской ветке форума, поэтому предлагаю свой перевод с небольшими дополнениями. Надеюсь, будет полезен тем, кто не слишком дружит с английским, но хочет возить с друзьями одинаковые грузы. Оригинальная тема, созданная автором самой программы, находится здесь: Как синхронизировать грузы? Сохраните игру на любой слот ("Записи"->"Сохранить игру") Комбинацией клавиш Alt+Tab сверните игру (закрывать не обязательно!) В приложении ETS2Sync Helper выберите используемый профиль и файл сохранения. Отметьте галочками DLC, г
  7. Всем привет! Хотел бы спросить почему не получается синхронизировать грузы с друзьями на сайте: http://www.ets2sync.com/ru/. Просто после проделанных шагов, захожу, загружаю сохранение и меня кидает к Гаражу. После этого захожу в "Прямые перевозки" и друг заходит у него не совпадают список грузов с моим. Если есть, какое-то решение данной проблемы отпишитесь пожалуйста! Буду очень благодарен!
  8. Hi! I have used ets2sync.com previously with my brother to get the same jobs, and it worked flawlessly. The other day I tried it with a friend, and we did exactly as we should, but didn't have a single synced job. Can this have something to do with what map DLC's we are using? My brother and I both have Going East and Scandinavia, but my friend only have Scandinavia. Of course he checked Scandinavia in the list at ets2sync.com, and I have tried different approaches - both checking all mine, and only checking Scandinavia, but still the same issue. So - do we all have to have the exa
  9. Just as said in the title, ets2 jobsync says "unable to upload file". I have everything in the right way, played ETS2 MP for like 50h-100h, it was working until now. Tried creating a new profile and many other things, nothing would work.
  10. Hello, I have problem when i start ETS2 and i select "External Jobs" (WOT) there is no job, it says this: http://imgur.com/a/O0HHz I don't speak perfectly english so i might don't understand something. I need only how to fix this, i downgraded game and my profile (ingame) is linked with WoT, any tips? Its kinda urgent, i want the DLC flag so i want to do the km)
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