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Found 16 results

  1. Guest

    World of Trucks API

    World of Trucks API Disclaimer This API is not associated with World of Trucks, SCS Software, or TruckersMP. The API is provided at a best effort basis and is provided as a service to the community. Any abuse will be met with a no-questions asked block, and no recourse for un-block. Acceptable use You may query the API using the World of Trucks ID (the last parameter of a profile link usually) for use with eg. your VTC or similar, enumerating over all possible IDs is not acceptable. When making a query to the API, please ensure that you are caching the response acording to the cache-control header, as well as throttle your requests acording to the provided x-ratelimit-limit and x-ratelimit-remaining headers, frequently failing to rate limit on your end will also result in a block. Plates As of Monday February 5th, there's now the ability to fetch plates for a WOT profile: The endpoint is at /button/ the parts are as follows: /button/wotid/style additionally you can provide a raw url to the WoT profile with the ?url= query string and ?country=ats to get the ATS variant. examples: https://wotapi.thor.re/button/17639/plates?country=ats https://wotapi.thor.re/button/1/plates?url=https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/online_profile.php?id=17639&country=ats https://wotapi.thor.re/button/1/plates?url=https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/online_profile.php?id=17639 They are edge-cached individually for a week, so changes might not be reflected immediately, but you are free to request these images as frequently as you like, they are exempt from the below rate limit, the endpoint is designed to be used as-is. Rate Limits Rate limits are set to 10 requests per minute, if you exceed this, a HTTP Status of 429 will be returned, if you do not back off when you recieve this status, you will not be unblocked, until you make no further requests for the next minute. API Endpoints /api/wot/player/{id} Example query: GET https://wotapi.thor.re/api/wot/player/1 Example response headers: Cache-Control:"max-age=86400, no-cache, private" Content-Type:"application/json" X-RateLimit-Remaining:"9" X-RateLimit-Limit:"10" Example response: { "username": "Komat", "stats": { "jobs": "31", "mass": "431 t", "totalDistance": "5,033 km", "averageDistance": "162 km", "timeOnDuty": "6 h19 min" }, "plates": { "eut2PlateUrl": "https://worldoftrucks.com/neutral/license_plate.php?side=front&game=eut2&value=KOMAT|czech", "atsPlateUrl": "https://worldoftrucks.com/neutral/license_plate.php?side=front&game=ats&value=KOMAT|california" }, "details": { "ets2": { "jobsAccomplished": "18", "timeOnDuty": "4 h 15 min", "totalMassTransported": "305 t", "averageDeliveryDistance": "178 km", "longestJobCompleted": "1,192 km", "totalDistance": "3,196 km", "difficultSpotParking": "3", "easySpotParking": "3", "mostJobsInSingleWOTRDay": "4", "mostJobsTakenFrom": "Praha (Czech Republic)", "mostSourcedCompany": "EuroGoodies", "mostSuppliedCompany": "SellPlan", "mostTakenCargo": "Empty palettes" }, "ats": { "jobsAccomplished": "13", "timeOnDuty": "2 h 3 min", "totalMassTransported": "124 lg tn", "averageDeliveryDistance": "87 mi", "longestJobCompleted": "149 mi", "totalDistance": "1,141 mi", "difficultSpotParking": "0", "easySpotParking": "1", "mostJobsInSingleWOTRDay": "11", "mostJobsTakenFrom": "Tucson (Arizona)", "mostSourcedCompany": "SellGoods", "mostSuppliedCompany": "Wallbert", "mostTakenCargo": "gifts" }, "global": { "jobsAccomplished": "31", "timeOnDuty": "6 h 19 min", "totalMassTransported": "431 t", "averageDeliveryDistance": "162 km", "longestJobCompleted": "1,192 km", "totalDistance": "5,033 km", "difficultSpotParking": "3", "easySpotParking": "4" } }, "achievements": [ "Grand Gift Delivery 2017 - ATS", "Grand Gift Delivery 2017 - ETS2", "Commited hauler", "Multi-trailer Logistics", "Punctual perfectionist", "Trade Connections - France", "Little marathon", "The ultimate average", "1001", "Trucker album", "Grand Gift Delivery 2016", "International driver", "Refined identity (legacy)", "Noticeable collection", "Spotlight" ] } The variables in each object should be self explaining
  2. MattTM

    World of Trucks: One Truck Event

    Hey guys! Wanted to make this topic to ask how much of the World of Trucks event have you done so far? Unfortunately, I haven't had enough time to make a start. Have you been involved with the traffic in and around Paris as well? If you were, how was your experience? Feel free to use this forum topic to share some of your clips from the event as well Looking forward to your comments!
  3. Guest

    WoT problem

    Hello, my problem is that I bought 2 DLC (Going East, Italy) on the site (code). I could not combine these DLC with the basic WoT account, I would like to emphasize that the previous map additions were also easily connected. "WORLD TRUCKS CONNECTED CONTENT" - CONNECTED CONTENT TO THE TRUCK WORLD - You can not combine new content with World of Trucks because the currently used Steam account does not match the Steam account used in the World of Trucks profile " So I created a second WoT account to see if I can connect there, but after connecting to the Steam profile I can not do anything to get into the second WoT account, which I quote "You can not connect new content with WoT, because the current pair is used the account does not match the pair account used with the WoT profile I apologize for the problem and thank you for the answers
  4. iSrBruno

    ajuda com world of trucks

    alguém pode me ajudar com world of trucks pf esqueci meu email e minha senha consigo recuperala de alguma forma ?
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering wether the jobs in World of Trucks are the same for everybody who connected his WoT Account with the game.
  6. Пару дней назад решил выполнить заказ с WorldOfTrucks, проблема в том, что постоянно выдает, "У Вас есть недоставленный груз, Вы не можете взять новый груз, пока не завершите доставку". Это продолжается уже около недели. Как быть? зайти на wotr и завершить заказ с сайта можно? сейчас сайт недоступен.
  7. AimNot

    Start Your Engines

    Hi there, Simple question: are the Start your Engines' rewards already working on Multiplayer? T.I.A.
  8. Partykiller991

    World of Trucks

    Hey everyone! I got a question. Many years ago I did my first ets2 profile and connected it with world of trucks. But I didnt know how to cheat money and simply lost to much money to be abel to have 0$. Anyways I did another profile and cheated money and wanted to connect it with world of trucks. But I already did and I only can do this once. And the problem is I deleted the profile. This is so sad (can we get 1000 likes on this Ok Memes away) because I cant be in the event!
  9. Guten Tag Mein Name ist Tobi und ich hab das Problem mit einem freund das wir unsere DLC`s nicht mit World of trucks verbinden können seit dem update 1.27.1 das heißt für uns, wir sehen keine wot Aufträge mehr hab schon den online Ordner gelöscht hab bei wot das PW geändert kann mich auch anmelden im Spiel und auf der Seite aber bekomme immer diesen Fehler (hab die neuste Version hab auch die DLC´s neu installiere ged auch nicht ) Schon man danke für die hilfe LG Tobi
  10. ThatOvertakenPokeman

    Pokeman Photo Reel

    Hello guys! Pokeman here, as an avid ets2 player, I have taken a liking of posting pictures on world of trucks. But I feel that my truckersmp Fam could appreciate my pics too! heres the first few. More to come! (I will try to update as often as possible, check out my profile here:https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/online_profile.php?id=2086203 https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/full_image.php?id=00000000002C501F&cdn=1 https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/full_image.php?id=00000000002CE88A&cdn=1 https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/full_image.php?id=000000000028B4C2&cdn=1 (delete the other ones pls, i clicked 3 times coz the site was slow. so sry!!)
  11. B0B0COP

    World of Trucks Jobs Problems

    Help!! .. for some random reason my game has problems accepting world of truck jobs ''external contracts''.. if i go to select them from the menu it pops up with some message about HTTP an source, but lets me take externals straight from the warehouse.. helppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Is it possible to upload our screenshots that we have taken by pressing F12/Printscreen (if using sweetfxor reshade for example) to World of Trucks? I have put a pic into the ets2 screenshots folder and even named it the same as the other i.e ets2_00021.png but the game doesnt see it so not sure if I had done something wrong or what. Cheers.
  13. daniel25106

    Problem z World of trucks

    Witam, mam problem z weryfikacją email na stronie world of truck, po kliknięciu w link weryfikacyjny wyskakuje mi napis MALFORMED REQUEST - REQUIRED PARAMETER IS MISSING OR INCORRECT. .może ktoś z was wie jak to naprawić
  14. Hello, I have problem when i start ETS2 and i select "External Jobs" (WOT) there is no job, it says this: http://imgur.com/a/O0HHz I don't speak perfectly english so i might don't understand something. I need only how to fix this, i downgraded game and my profile (ingame) is linked with WoT, any tips? Its kinda urgent, i want the DLC flag so i want to do the km)
  15. [WTLVTC] BatmanAlexeh

    American Truck simulator | Giveaway | 1 Winner

    American Truck Simulator | Giveaway Well, as you can see I'm doing a steam key giveaway for ATS its completely random so you don't know if its going to be you! So if you wanna enter all you have to do is go on to twitter.com/alex0shaw and tweet at me #ATSale (And why you want the game) that's all you have to do, good luck
  16. boss302880

    Zlecenia, a umiejętności

    Witam, mam pytanie: czy istnieje jakaś opcja na rozpoznanie, które z dostępnych ładunków z zamówień zewnętrznych(World of Trucks) to np: pilna dostawa lub wartościowy towar? Dodałem również kilka punktów w dostawy specjalnych towarów, a żadne z takich zleceń nie pojawiło się, stąd kolejne pytanie: czy warto inwestować w ten sposób punkty za poziomy?