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Found 8 results

  1. Hi truckers, some players do not know Instant Replay feature of ShadowPlay and I will try to tell for this players. Note: You need GeForce GTX 650 or newer graphics card for use this feature. System Requirements Firstly, download and install NVIDIA GeForce Experience and update your graphics drivers. After the installation use Alt + Z keyboard shortcut and go to settings from gear icon. Scroll Down and click Privacy Control. If you allow to this, your desktop will record. Make your selection, go back to settin
  2. Are you tired of recording videos of the game using some external software that takes up the valuable resources of your computer? Do you waste your time editing long videos to make reports? Here we have the solution. But what is this? Windows 10 includes a feature called Game DVR to record video within any verified game, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator fall into that category. This function is similar to the one used in NVIDIA Shadowplay and Replay Buffer in OBS but without heavy processes, making your game a little more fluid since Game DVR is included and op
  3. Herkese selamlar, ShadowPlay'in Anında Yeniden Oynatma özelliğinden bilgisi olmayan arkadaşlarımız var ve onlar için bir rehber hazırlıyorum. Not: Bu özellik için GeForce GTX 650 ve üzeri ekran kartlarından birine sahip olmanız gerekmekte. Sistem Gereksinimleri İlk Olarak NVIDIA GeForce Experience indirip kuruyoruz ve ekran kartı sürücümüzü son sürüme güncelliyoruz. Ardından Alt + Z tuş kombinasyonu ile ShadowPlay arayüzünü açıp sağdaki çark işaretinden ayarlara giriyoruz. Fare yuvarlağını aşağı kaydırıp en alttaki Kişisel Gizlilik Kontrolü seçeneğin
  4. Hello love community! I need your help, in the attached picture I show you my problem, I can't figure it out so far and have tried everything. I can't watch the scene directly ingame and upload it somewhere. I have already 1000x reinstalled it uninstalled properly deleted etc... If someone has or had the same problem and a solution for it I would be very grateful. In love your fruit dealer I use Windows 8.1. 64-bit
  5. ¿Estás cansado de grabar videos del juego usando algún software externo que ocupa los valiosos recursos de tu ordenador? ¿Desperdicias tu tiempo editando largos videos para hacer reportes? Aquí tenemos la solución. ¿Pero esto qué es? Windows 10 incluye una función llamada Game DVR para grabar video dentro de cualquier juego verificado, Euro Truck Simulator y American Truck Simulator están dentro de esa categoría. Esta función es similar a la usada en NVIDIA Shadowplay y Replay Buffer en OBS pero sin pesados procesos que ocupan memoria RAM, haciendo tu juego un poco más fluido ya
  6. I started having an issue with my recording software (ShadowPlay) since the 14th of January. At first, it didn't look like there was any issues, because the icon and notifications was displaying correctly. When I finished playing, I noticed that it didn't save any videos at all. The 15th, I realized the problem can be reproduced when I Alt+Tab out of ETS 2, regardless of if it's in single player or multiplayer. When I come back in the game, the ShadowPlay status icon is crossed with a red line. After that, I would basically need to restart the game each time (which would be a big pain in the..
  7. Dado que hay muchas personas que no están seguras de qué software de grabación usar, y los temas sobre ellas parecen ser más o menos semanales ahora, pensé que debería haber un tema que incluyera todo (bueno, no todo pero el más populares al menos que muchas personas usan en este foro) que graban programas que puedes usar en tu PC para grabar tu juego de American Truck Simulator y Euro Truck Simulator 2, junto con todos los otros juegos también. Los siguientes software no está en un orden particular, ya que no hay ningún orden en el que se pueda colocarlos. También incluí si el sof
  8. Hello, I have tried multiple recording softwares and yet the only one that has actually proven working for me is FRAPS but that takes my FPS down badly. I've been trying to use Shadowplay now but it just wont load in-game. Now, when I first click the TruckersMP desktop shortcut, I see Shadowplay FPS showing on that first screen but when I click "Play ATS" and the game opens, it doesn't show anymore nor will it record. I'm not sure what to do at this point, I need something better that doesn't bog down the FPS. I have tried OBS but it just keeps fre
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