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Found 7 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Possible solution for jams in front of the service stations. Suggestion Description: We all know that, in a city, especially in Calais and Duisburg, service stations are like hell. So one little solution can make it better. I mean better, not completely solve it. To solve it completely we all should be patient and know to give road. The thing is this : When you crashed and go to service with your trailer, you can not come out so easily, and even if you do you are not safe at all. I'll explain with image : Think you are the marked guy, and you have a long trailer as the blue does. If your nose is out of the service, your trailer will hit the blue guy's trailer and take damage. So in order to make your trailer not to take damage, and to lessen that jam chaos (like small example in top-left, in front of POSPED), my suggestion is this : Suggestion : When you F7+Enter, your trailer will automatically be teleported to the closest gas station or a big company's park lot (like LKW), or to the park spots if possible in city (Mannheim has a big one). The system is that : You mark these teleport spots like no-collion zones, when we hit F7+Enter, system will automatically take our trailer to the closest spot. And if we won't be able to take our trailer within 5 minutes, our job will automatically be cancelled. Why should it be added? : So that we can get out of service stations far more easily, no more blocking when getting out, no more collusions. And think this image, think it without trailers. Thanks for giving us this suggestions oppurtunity.
  2. Suggestion Name: "Suggestion box" as separate service Suggestion Description: I propose to make the "suggestion box" in a separate service Advantages: - more convenient navigation - filters - rating of offers - discussion separately from the rating - the ability to highlight the response of a TMP member in a separate block - the ability to keep history on the proposal - much more Disadvantages: - you have to waste time on it Any example images: List view example List view example New suggestion example Why should it be added?: the forum is inconvenient for suggestions, but it performs the task
  3. Hello Truckers, Suggestion Name: We have to relax your service exit. Suggestion Description: As you know, there are a lot of accidents in places with heavy traffic. Actually, there is no need to be a rule or punishment to get ahead of it, everything starts in the gamer, if we are go properly and respectfully, the accident happens very little. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Admin's can not reach every region at any moment, i suggest that; Everyone bumps into each other because they want to leave immediately. So the player in the service area who is involved in the accident, automatically you are thrown from the game. Thank you. Best regards
  4. Information: Logistique service est une équipe de passionné de la route qui souhaite partagé cette passion , nous avons décidé de mettre en place une entreprise à fin de pouvoir mieux s'organisé , nous souhaitons roulé avec vous , a fin de forgé une entreprise sérieuse est roleplay , avec une conduite exemplaire , l'objectif est bien sur de monté cette entreprise avec vous , Nos Recrutements: Pour étre recruté , il faut : étre mature Avoir une conduite exemplaire se présenté sur discord pour le recrutement Avoir un camion la marque na pas d'importance Une foix recruté vous devrez avoir les couleurs de l'entreprise , et le tag en jeux , mes nous vous expliquerons ça en temps voulue Pour nous contactés : Discord : https://discord.gg/3drgvrq Nous utilisons truckbook pour la gestion de l'entreprise est qui de loin le plus efficace des systèmes de gestion d'entreprise . Cordialement Jack_Oneill PDG de Logistique Service
  5. Hello, Everytime i dont have loads i need to have a sleep in game or at least f7 but when i cant sleep its says your not tired so i f7 and everytime it refuels my truck can i like disable that or something? And also can i disable the circles other trucks on my navigation ?
  6. Hello As read in the topic my ETS 2 MP keeps crashing or rather freezing when I press F7 and ask for a tow to the nearest Service station, this does not happen in Singleplayer and have never happened before to me on ETS 2 MP. It started happening recently and I have tried creating an entire new profile in the game and try that yet still the same problem. The game just keeps on freezing and I have to reboot my computer. To specify a bit, I used to be able to play the MP without any problem at all. And this problem started occuring in the past month or two however I haven't botherd to try and solve in back then but suddenly got an urge to play some MP today and tried googeling and everything to solve this yet I come up with nothing that works. Anyone got an idea of how to solve this I would much appreciate some help. Best Regards & Thanks in advance Engel
  7. When I go sleep or teleport to service, game stopped and I can't do anything. Please help me with that problem
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