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Found 5 results

  1. Suggestion Name: VTC player search box on ETS2Map Suggestion Description: I'd like to see a new Search box on ETS2Map website:https://ets2map.com/. After entering the name or id of a given VTC, we can see list the players available on the map.* *Of course, if a company has hidden members (option Display Members), it will not be possible to search for people from a given VTC in this search box. Any example images: Why should it be added?: In my opinion the ETS2Map map is very popular. Thanks to this option, all people using
  2. Suggestion Name: Search box under players list in game Suggestion Description: Basically when you open the players list there could be a search box underneath, above the open steam profile and open truckersmp profile options where you can search id numbers and names. Any example images: Why should it be added?: This should be added so that when you are in high population areas you do not need to scroll and look for the right player to report but can instead search their number and have the result instantly which can also stop players stopping on the side of the road to scroll thr
  3. Здравейте, Забелязах куп нови играчи, които се присъединяват във форума, което е страхотно! Но те се присъединяват към форума, като не знаят дори как работи форумът. Това, което виждам главно от новите играчи е, че те създават тема в помощната секция, без да знаят, че вече е даден отговор. Това се случва и в секцията с предложения на форумите и може да се случи в общите дискусии. По принцип навсякъде във форума се случва. Ето защо направих ръководство за правилното използване на функцията за търсене. Сега, преди да започна да правя това ръководство, използвах функцията за търсе
  4. Weazel Logistic Group Die Die Weazel Logistic Group sucht aktuell weitere Fahrer und Fahrerinnen. Unsere Gründung ist nicht lange her, deswegen bauen wir eine eigene VTC (Virtuell Trucking Company) auf. Du hast die Möglichkeit dich bei uns zu bewerben, wir suchen aktive Fahrer und Fahrerinnen. Welche Voraussetzungen sollte ein Bewerber mitbringen? Du solltest das 14. Lebensjahr begonnen haben Du solltest eine gewisse geistige Reife besitzen Du solltest bestmöglich Erfahrung in ETS2 TruckersMP mitbringen Deine Mikrofon Qualität sollte angenehm sein und
  5. Elpera

    Search Team FR

    [EN] Hi, I'm french guy and i'm searching french team to play ETS 2 MP all the holydays so if you are french send me a private message or give me your skype name in Steam : elpera13 [FR] Hey, Je suis français et je cherche une team pour jouer a ETS 2 Multijoueur pendant les vacances donc si vous êtes français donnez moi vos skype par Message Privé ou par Steam : elpera13 THANKS !
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