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Found 7 results

  1. -Suggestion Name: More TruckersMP Scout Car Upgrades. -Suggestion Description: Add more options and customizations to the official car of TruckersMP. -Any Example Images -Why should it be added? I think the Scout car needs more customizations; like engines, paint schemes and additional exterior/interior options. And please have a better engine sounds. I mean, that engine...
  2. Suggestion Name: Improving the Scout Car Suggestion Description: The Car's handling was allready good improved. BUT! I think the noise that other player hear is really annoying. It's clicking, much too loud and has an weird/unrealistic noise. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: I think many people hate car's for their drivers, but that noise is making it worse. I also think that it would be less inconvenient to have car's in our the reach. Yours Sincerely Rapido You found this a good/constructive suggestion? Please vote it then!
  3. Memorial lights/decals I am inquiring if it's possible the make a skin for the scout car that say MEMORIAL in purple, MEMORIAL flags like the red ones, and to get purple colored warning lights? There are a bunch of people that run these types of convoys in honor of loved ones, fallen service members, PD/FD/EMS personal. It would make the convoys more professional.
  4. Hello, I have a question - because I've already seen somewhere that we have permission to mod the Scout car (at least the wheels), I want to know how to? I've been searching tutorials, etc. on Google around 10 minutes, but I do not found anything. So I would like to know is there any possible way to mod the car, and to be visible for the others? If yes, please, tell me how. I will be very thankful ! Thanks!
  5. As the title said i cant go over ~45km/h in the scout car- Just bought it and went on the streets but somehow i am just as fast as a snail. Am i doing something wrong? Help would be aprreciated.
  6. To preface: I am referring to the Scout Extra_D Standard. (Trucks will not encounter this issue) What's Happening: The car will not exceed 47 km/h (not MPH), and right after it reaches that speed, it will slowly decline to around 30 km/h, and no amount of acceleration will help. This is both within city limits and on the highway. I am in Europe 2, which is an unregulated server for car speed, or cars in general. What I've tried: I tried shutting off the speed limiter in-game (which should be 90 km/h, but nonetheless, I tried). It actually will not shut off, when I untick the box, it will simply retick itself. (This issue is non-existent when I use a truck) I tried shutting off the speed limiter in the TruckersMP setting. This was already off and won't turn back on without my conscious decision. I tried selling my old Scout car and buying a new one. Nothing changed. Not sure what else to say. This is a very strange glitch. If you need any follow-up information to address my problem, I'm ready to provide. Thank you so much in advance.
  7. Well, No one has posted about this until now. I decided to post about it since it might be important and could be an added rule, as I was playing MP driving around. From a distance I saw a scout car, it was blue and white and strongly looked like a police car but as it passed it turned out to be a player that used some strange metallic paint combinations to make his car look like a police car from a distance. I was hoping to know if this counts as "admin Impersonation" and could possibly be against the rules? (keep in mind he was not an ACTUAL admin, and had no police skins, but from a distance people can mistake him as an admin.)(I have no pictures, but I think I explained it pretty well)
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