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Found 3 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Make Race track non collision Zone or Block it off Suggestion Description: On the current beta Arizona DLC has access to a Race track Will it either be blocked off or made a No collision zone Any example images: Why should it be added?: Blocked for no access Or Non collision due to amount of trucks that may be on it Suggestion Name: Add non collision zones at Race track or Block off access Suggestion Description: N/a Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Blocked reason being it is Actually off the map but Scs made it so we can knock cones down to gain access and get a Achievement, Non-collision due to the amount of people that may be on it
  2. Hello everyone, Suggestion Name: FIA ETRC Race Event 2019 Suggestion Description: A racing event could be organised on one of the servers, where people could sign up to race against one another in their trucks. Obviously this would require great co-ordination from the ADMINS. This is what the current calendar looks like; Provisional 2019 FIA European Truck Racing Championship Calendar: Misano, Italy – 25/26 May 2019 TBA – 11/12 May or 8/9 June 2019 Hungaroring, Hungary – 22/23 June 2019 Slovakia Ring, Slovakia – 6/7 July 2019 Nürburgring, Germany – 20/21 July 2019 Most, Czech Republic – 31 Aug/1 Sept 2019 Zolder, Belgium – 14/15 Sept 2019 Le Mans, France – 28/29 Sept 2019 Jarama, Spain – 5/6 Oct 2019 Hence, there could be events near the actual dates in the actual countries (although the city would have to be changed). Example; Italy, Milan - 26 May Hungary, Budapest - 23 June and so on... Any example images: This could be an example of a sprint (from point 1 to 2) and then other races could be circuits around the city. Why should it be added?: I think this is one event that could be quite easily assembled, and depending on the interest of the community, it could be quite successful. It would also work well with the current WoT Event. If there is a similar event please link it in the comments and if such event is not planned then I'd like to hear your opinions! Thank you, Michal Stefaniszyn
  3. Suggestion Name: Racing Circuit Suggestion Description: Before starting; It does not seem right that a truck simulator, there is a server dedicated only to cars. I see more sense to replace the server of only cars, by one of trucks and car races. With several circuits, type: Asphalt, earth, resistance, obstacles or as the typical one that only has to be 1. Any example images: I do not know if they remember this other game, now obsolete, it only remains in the memory of few people: King of the Road. I can not find images of the circuit but if I add the whole map and in the left corner, the letters circuit appears. It was used for both Trucks and / or Trucks. (cars could not partizipar). Why should it be added?: Why would we have another server dedicated just for racing and de-stressing from so much convoy. Thanks for watching my suggestion, waiting for an answer. PD: I would like all users who see the suggestion, contribute with their grain of sand with your opinion about it. Against more we are better, then apart, it is a collective use that affects all Atte: tntdavila
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