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  1. TnTDavila


    He estado utilizando el foro oficial en ingles y hoy es el primer mensaje que pongo en el Español y hoy precisamente os pongo como ejemplo en una de mis tantas sugerencias en sus foros: Tengo unas cuantas sugerencias mas sobre el juego en los mismos foros y me gustaría que tengáis eco de ello, o participa de una manera u otra. Muchos ya me conocen, pero para los que aun no... Holaaaaaaaa ¡¡jeje!! ¡¡Viva España!!
  2. Suggestion Name: Reorganization of the Forum I have the way to organize more the forum and to set aside error or obsolete messages, without having to eliminate and / or lose its proceeding. Suggestion Description: You have to make a duplicate of all sections and subsections of the forum, hidden for only the adminstracion can see. Any erroneous or obsolete message, due to antiquity, inappropriate use or simply, was a favorably recent implant. (Move) and Archive those messages. Any example images: I give as an example, the Spanish forum: https://foru
  3. I answer 10 incorrect messages and everyone sees that I do my job well and nobody can say otherwise :angry:

  4. It seems that it is more important to answer those who do wrong suggestions than those who do it well. <_<

  5. :thinking: Check the suggestions, Thanks! :lol:

    1. NeonLeon


      We can't always act without delay. Give the situation and the people who deal with it a bit time

    2. BL4CK$K1LL


      Don't forget that staff is human just like you and they've real-life work too, so they can't be here 24/7. Just be patient and wait until they check your suggestion.

  6. The days pass and not a reply

  7. Suggestion Name: Racing Circuit Suggestion Description: Before starting; It does not seem right that a truck simulator, there is a server dedicated only to cars. I see more sense to replace the server of only cars, by one of trucks and car races. With several circuits, type: Asphalt, earth, resistance, obstacles or as the typical one that only has to be 1. Any example images: I do not know if they remember this other game, now obsolete, it only remains in the memory of few people: King of the Road. I can not find images of the circuit but if I add the whole m
  8. Suggestion Name: Land grants. I might be a little crazy about this idea, but I think it's good and that nobody proposed something like that before. Description of the suggestion: In the game, I see that there are many places that are accessible but have no use. My proposal or idea would be, to take those lands and create a garage for the company, I explain: Let's say there are companies officially created in ETS2 20 and of those 20, 3 have 50 people (to put a minimum number of people per company). Reward those companies with a minimum of 50 people each. Cus
  9. Suggestion Name: Heavy Cargo Pack online. Suggestion Description: The truth that it is a bore to have to take a load of this type and that automatically expel you from being online, to play without line in the game with bots. I think I can solve this problem in online servers with other users at the same time, my idea would be to officially set a schedule to participate with that kind of loads inside the servers. In this idea the involvement of the administrators of the place, would play a very important role ... they themselves should escort online Heavy Cargo Pack. 2 polic
  10. TnTDavila

    mod new map

    Suggestion Name: mod new map Before I begin I would like to thank you for your dedication and participation for non-profit that you offer at TruckersMP. As the title says: mod new map. Suggestion Description: I would like you to add the unofficial mod from Spain, we are many users from this same country and we are anxious to be able to officially collect our land in TruckersMP, just as we like to visit other cities in Europe. I think that not only Spanish users would like the idea of being able to drive their truck or add in their routes to Spain. Any exampl
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