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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Suggestion Name: Patreon truck paint job. Suggestion Description: Like Patreon Trailer Paint Job, it can only be used by Patron. Why should it be added?: Like the patreon trailer paint job, it can make the game more interesting.
  2. Suggestion Name: Systemchange to help all players (and avoid griefers) Suggestion Description: Dear folks, many of these "griefers" and "lag-causing" individuals haven't even activated their account... So they for the easiest way to get rid of them and/or reduce the load on the report-systems is to let only activated users on the server. (For example, an unactivated account can only join arcade mode; if the account is activated, gain access to Simulator) If the access limit isn't an option, there are a few greater options below: Reasonable compromise (maybe add a "trail" previlege to these unactivated users, so they can't grief:) • Speed limiter to 80 km/h (safe speed; external contracts can do max. 90 km/h!) • can haul only one single trailer • don't have access to the Škoda / Car (a lot of people can't drive these things correctly!) Bonus for activating the TMP-account • Speed limiter to 90 km/h • can haul double trailer • access to the bus-feature If player had a minimum of 100 game hours (I could imagine this is a reasonable value), they would gain access to: • Speed limiter max (110 km/h) • can haul HCT trailer • Access to Škoda (Car) Special additional request / patron feature • And maybe add some extra trucks or cars for patrons (like transporter, 7,5-ton truck, and maybe (a few of the best rated released) cars on TMP) • some new fancy ai wheels? (tuning for Škoda) • lower cooldown to commands (it's annoying to wait 10 minutes as patron) and use commands without trailer I truly like contesting roads, random events and the stupidity from some users, BUT the amount of griefers is too high... and the in-game report-system seems always to be full, even on the website, you have to wait 14 days / 2 weeks until something happens. This may be a way to reduce the load on the current in-game team and keep the players happiness up by activate their accounts properly and give some "rights" to "older" accounts to stop griefers. What thoughts do you have about this? Any example images: <no images> Why it should be added: This may be a way to reduce the load on the current in-game team and keep the players happiness up.
  3. Good Evening! About Patron Ιn the forum it doesn't show my name in yellow letters but on my TruckersMP account it shows normally. please I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me with this issue! Thanks in advance! Yours sincerely @Serg1os
  4. Suggestion Name: Display Player's Patron tag In-Game Chat From Public Players and Moderators. Suggestion Description: Currently there is no visual tag or color display from patrons players ingame chat. Every ingame chat displays publicly from patrons users playing the game apart from only the moderators of the game. It makes it less heard from the community of the game and less inclined to be less supportive in the truckersMP community. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: I believe this should be added as players of patron in the truckersmp community and may be more inclined to get patron subscription with TMP if they knew that they could see their patron tag in game chat. Even express their extra support in the TruckersMP team community.
  5. Classificação de Doações do Patron - Muro da Fama Patreon! Clique aqui para abrir a página do Patreon --> TruckersMP Page on Patreon! O tópico está em construção, muitos mais passos serão acrescentados para conectar sua conta TMP à Patreon and Discord! Olá a todos, Parece que muitos de vocês estão tendo problemas relacionados ao Patreon. Por isso, estou criando este guia para ajudar a todos. Primeiro de tudo, vou mostrar a vocês quais são as recompensas que vêm com os diferentes níveis. ($1) Trucker - - Caixa especial no perfil de seu site - Destacado em nosso "muro da fama" no site ($3) Fan Trucker - - Recompensas do nível anterior - Papel especial Discord + cor com acesso a um canal oculto - Nome colorido e crachá no site - Nome colorido e crachá no fórum ($5) Master Trucker - Nota:Caso suas recompensas no jogo estejam no padrão, tenha certeza de escrever o comando /tg no chat para verificar! Desde que você tenha sua conta Patreon e sua conta TruckersMP conectada, seu nome no jogo será colorido automaticamente. Mas isto só será visível para outros jogadores, não para você mesmo. - Recompensas dos níveis anteriores - Crachá colorido no jogo + crachá ao lado do crachá - Nenhum anúncio no site e no fórum Nota adicional: Ainda não funciona mesmo depois de seguir este guia? Informe-me, e eu o ajudarei pessoalmente. Passo 1. Vá até este link e crie uma conta > Registre uma conta no Patreon! Passo 2. Vá para a página Patreon do TruckersMP. Como você pode ver, existem diferentes tipos de camadas e cada camada, lhe trará recompensas diferentes. Você pode verificar as recompensas no site que acabei de escrever acima. Passo 3. Escolha o tipo de Nível que você quer ter e pressione em "Join (Quantia aqui 1 / 3 / 5) Nível. (Vou usar o Master Truck $5 como exemplo) Passo 4. Certifique-se de que ele tenha esta aparência, o mais importante é que ele diz "Seu Nível": Master Truck. Ou o nível que você escolher, mas se diz "Custom Pledge", então pressione em Edit e escolha novamente. Se você quiser aumentar sua doação, clique nos $5,00 e você pode editá-lo lá! Passo 5 Acrescente seu cartão de crédito ou conta Paypal à conta. Passo 6. Confirme seu pagamento e parabéns, agora você é um Patreon. Original topic:
  6. I am already a Master Trucker, please tell me how to change my coloured name in game?
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