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Found 7 results

  1. What if .... We had the option to port our Banners and Colors in all their Glory over to TMP for everyone to see by now.... What would it change ??? How would it change the VTC Landscape ?? Would it be more or less?? Better designs over time or worse ??? http:// I have to say its quite a struggle to find a Layout and Design that pleases the Eye and gets your message over. especialy when you never had to deal with this things before. Now i know that many VTC got their Media done with that Banners in the spo
  2. GT900


    So I Just created my VTC. Paper Transports. I See a lot of VTC using custom paintjobs How I make then Thanks For Help,GT900
  3. Suggestion Name: Oportunity to costumize the standart (and DLC) paintjobs with a synchronized text Suggestion Description: You can edit and costumize the paintjobs with an text by yourself, which is synced - just like the lizenze plates in the truck interior. It should be possible, to edit this text in the size, colors, etc. and also it should be possible to move the text around the truck. This function should be limited by 6 times or something like that. Any example images: I tried my best to photoshop it.: Why should it be added?: Because, the players have more oportunites to
  4. Suggestion Name: Community Paintjob Contest Suggestion Description: Held a community paintjob contest in which every contender has to make 1 or more paintjob for every truck (or not) with a free theme or MP TEAM choosed, others users and the team has to vote and the 3 more popular (or less) will be winners and had to be added to the MPMOD. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: Could be a very good prize to the community and to add more diversity to mp.
  5. New Admin Vehicle Costumization Options: Suggestion Description: Hello Everyone. I got a new suggestion to make regarding the paintjobs that admins could use in truckersmp. I spoke to some admins and we came to a conclusion that some of them still prefer trucks over cars. So how could we solve this. First of all i would like to propose on an idea we came up with. As many of truckersmp players know. There is a paintjob specificly used by admins with blue lights ofcourse. So my question is: Why not add a police skin for trucks that are already available i
  6. Hello, Would like to know if : "Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Prehistoric Paint Jobs Pack" : Work in Truckersmp mod before I buy 'em. Thanks.
  7. Mod Version: Version 0.1.1 r2 Controllers Used: n/a Description of Issue: ETS2 Game Client instantly crash after start / ETS crashing after your change your paintshop to Christmas other players equipped one paint job from above crashing your client when they are next to you (in tab list) How to reproduce: Go to next repair station and change the paint job above Screenshots / Videos: n/a game.crash.log Work around !! Way 1: Go into single player, search and go to next repair station. Change your paint job to normal (not listed above) Way 2: Quit from game. Go into steam lib
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