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    Help other people with ETS2 problems. Programming. I love playing games like ETS2 or Team Fortress 2.
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  1. Please try to disable/close Skype and try again - posssible Skpye block the MIc
  2. Go into Steam library, right click at ETS2 / ATS and choose properties Select Beta Tab and choose 'No Beta' Please uninstall (every old) Multiplayer Mod and re-download/re-install Multiplayer Mod again. Before you install the mod again please delete Multiplayer directory in Documents folder !
  3. What a mess - 20d banned for ATS EU #1 Server connection issues

    1. MaffewE


      If you can explain yourself on the appeals form they may be able to overrule this.

  4. Yes American Truck Simulator is on a separate Server (ATS Euro#1) - you can allready see the status here but you can't connect yet. Later, i'm sure there will be more than one Server for more players. And yes, when you got banned, temporary or permanent you can not join anymore ETS2 and ATS Server. This ban applies to all servers.
  5. Please make from all settings (Multiplayer) menu a screenshot or a video. I will tell you which setting it is. The default value aren't optimal settings ! So please be patiently When i can't help you can cancel all communication to me
  6. You can try it out. Buuuuuuuuuuut !!! Streaming with 60fps makes the stream laggy - i promise. Because when vsync in-game is enabled you have 57-61 fps. When you have vsync disabled you have (possible) 25-110 fps depend on your graphic settings and where you are in multiplayer - 20-24 player let your framrate drop down real fast. When you have 30fps in-game and stream to twitch with 60fps, 30fps are missing and you have a real mega lag My hint: stream with 30-40 fps With NVIDIA Shadow play you can use the customer settings to set the quality. NVIDIA Geforce 770 brings you not much frames - but it's recommended to test it for yourself
  7. Hello. Shadow Play is recording in background. But if you have this option (Shadow Play) you have also the opportunity to stream to Twich - please check the NVIDIA Expericance function - there is an cool and easy option to stream to twich in different quality. I know that because i already use it cold case
  8. Driving in multiplayer needs an own truck. FirestarteR93 gives you an good like to create a 2nd profile with a start truck and some money. If your joblist is empty, please look into Problems/Questions Guide under "No jobs available for me" Have fun and welcome to ETS2 Multplayer
  9. The single player mods won't work in multiplayer. Allowed mods listed here. Paint Jobs, some trailers and modified engines to make your truck stronger (but do not avoid the server speed limit) are allowded. Allowing only scattered mods is for all players they want to play a fair game and prevent cheating in Multiplayer.
  10. Aaah now i know what you are mean. They are suddenly appear from nowhere Maybe you can fix it if you press tabulator (tab), right mouse click, click at settings and increase the "draw distance" or distance to show some object. I'm not home, so i can't guide you though. Just look in the settings. Click Apply and Ok and the problem is solved. cold case
  11. Sounds like you have trouble with your graphic card or Direct X. I think is Direct X problem - in steam folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x86\ there is an file called "troubleshoot_dx9.cmd" - please run this and follow the instruction. You can also post a screenshot (i beleave F12 or F10 makes a shot) from your display error/white screen. Post here in this thread again... cold case
  12. Where you are spawning is up to you where you last "quit" (leaving) point is. I can not realy understand what is your problem. There is no Client problem. But maybe we can help you if you post a screenshot.
  13. Thanks for update. But i'm disappointed because you drop the update at a time where all players want to play 19.45 o'clock. When 4k people at the same same try to load the new launcher the download speed falls on the ground
  14. My fault. Only christmas paint job is concerned ! All credits to TruCkDr1V3r
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