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Found 6 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Block Private Messages by ID Suggestion Description: As some encountered (also I) that players wont stop PMing you you have to block pms with /blockpm, unfortunately, it also blocks MSGs from friends you are driving with. I'd suggest for this like /blockpm [ID], so you can decide if you want to block all players or just the given one. (As soon as the player leaves, the ID will be deleted, the player not). Any example images: n/a Why should it be added?: It should be added so you can block PMs playerwise and can continue chatting with the friend you are running with and don't have the annoying messages from another player (as example because you reported him)
  2. Name: A Variable message board behind the police car. Description: This Variable message board displays messages like "SLOW DOWN", "WARNING ACCIDENT", "STAY BEHIND US", "FOLLOW ME", "<<<<", ">>>>", "CLOSED",... Images: https://goo.gl/images/nWXHJC (an exemple of the Variable message board behind this police car) Why should it be added ? It can be added to warn players of an accident on the road, a closed road,... It can be added to a better traffic regulation.
  3. Maxencewzk


    Bonjour, j'ai récemment changé de PC et donc tout réinstallé. J'ai lancé mon jeu avec Truckersmp pour jouer en multijoueur et j'ai commencé à rouler quand tout à coup mon jeu se ferme (il n'y as pas de message comme quoi mon jeu a crashé) et cela me le fais constamment après avoir rouler environ 5 à 10 min sur la route. Auriez vous une solution à ce problème s'il vous plaît.
  4. Everytime there is a general information message the game crash. Like "Put your headlights on". Other works good. I am using Oculus and VorpX but strange if that should make any difference.
  5. Hi everybody, if I press the V button doesn't work the audio message? How can I do?
  6. Basically, four of us were in a game, and we all swore. I swore to my friend, and a jokey sort of way. But the three other occasions were provocative. They were trying to provoke the other party, and having a proper argument. Anyway, I got banned. I appealed, and said I 'hoped they were banned aswell'. The admin declined the appeal, and said that they were banned aswell. My friend was NOT banned. I need to speak with the admin, but I can't, as he already declined the appeal? Help please? Thanks guys
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