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  1. cyberserenity

    How about one webpage at the site.

    That tells you: What version is supported and what mods are supported. Always have to search and search the forum everytime i bought something new and get kicked from the server. Just a idea.
  2. cyberserenity

    Game crash on general message

    Everytime there is a general information message the game crash. Like "Put your headlights on". Other works good. I am using Oculus and VorpX but strange if that should make any difference.
  3. cyberserenity

    MP doesn't work

    Same problem. Deleteing config files work for one time. Then the error comes back. Can play regular ETS2 with no problem. Now login screen never comes up goes directly to game. And no intro just sound. This is after latest Microsoft update. The problem started after installation of Microsoft fall creators update. Lots of problems after installing this one. It is a not do!