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  1. Hi everybody, if I press the V button doesn't work the audio message? How can I do?
  2. Ok, thank you again!
  3. Ok, thanks. Just a question: where can I find the crash log file?
  4. Hi Truckers MP, I'm always Tibe24. I really don't understand... yesterday evening there was no more crash. Today I opened the Multiplayer as administrator and it has crashed again... I created for security another game profile too... and it doesn't go... what can I do? I don't want to not play at Multiplayer anymore!
  5. Tibe24


    I run as administrator and it function!!! Thank you!!!!!
  6. Tibe24


    Hi Truckers Mp, I had contacted you via Facebook, posting that there is a new little update from the ETS2 version to the and the game crashes... what can I do?
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