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  1. I've done it a couple of times to see what all the fuss was about and to challenge myself. Don't see the attraction tbh.
  2. Some people that play the game don't drive in irl, so don't know the rules. Others just don't care. The rules also vary from country to country.
  3. There was some servers without speed limits. As a general rule of thumb, speeding causes accidents. Remember a lot of kids play the game, who don't have a clue how to drive properly. The speed limit is reasonable, it is pretty much national speed limit in the UK, so it's perfectly fine.
  4. In the UK there are multiple meanings of this. A single long flash from a vehicle coming the other way is "Hello". Multiple short flashes in rapid succession from a vehicle coming the other way is warning you of a hazard you are approaching. A short flash is usually someone letting you out or saying "thank you". A long flash from a vehicle behind you, usually on a motorway, is instead of the horn (we don't really use horns on motorways here).
  5. They're not allowed to act like that. Please don't fall into thinking that all car drivers are like that though, it's only a minority. Sometimes it may be a genuine accident. The cars are difficult to control, especially for kids who don't know how to drive irl. In my personal experience there are an equal amount of trolls driving trucks, if not more. As others have said, record and report. I'd also recomend using a cheat profile on MP (e.g large amounts of money). You will get damage, either through accidents or trolls.
  6. Brilliant guide! Hopefully other players will now be able to understand what drivers of these large loads are doing, instead of trying to overtake dangerously.
  7. Suggestion Name: Rear Orange LEDs - Scout Car Suggestion Description: The orange LED strobes that can be fitted to the front bumper of the scout car should also be in the back window, like the blue lights are. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Having orange strobes in the rear window of the pilot car increases visibility from the rear, which is important for escort operations on dual carriageways and motorways. This also opens up the possibility of having scout cars with effective hideaway orange stobes. This could be very useful for people who want a normal
  8. Suggestion Name: Replace Pilot Car Skin Suggestion Description: Some new pilot skins should be created for the scout car, that replace the wording 'Pilot' with 'Abnormal Load', 'Long Vehicle', 'Convoy Escort', 'Escort Vehicle', etc. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: The current 'Pilot' wording is slightly ambiguous and does not accurately show the purpose of the vehicle. Less generic wording, such as those listed above, more accurately describe the purpose that the vehicle is being used for. Not only does this (hopefully) encourage more
  9. Not so long ago, I saw a video of one of the real operations events. I noticed that some of the event team were driving fire appliances. I was wondering if there is an SP version or if it is something that TMP have created. Thanks
  10. I really think we should tackle the people who have beacons switched on when they aren't needed. When they are used correctly, beacons actually serve a useful purpose.
  11. Well said. I was looking forward to the possibility of using that van. Also, you forgot to mention all the new blue strobes for the scout, which we were told would cause lag.
  12. I used to be in the actual Convoy Security Group, who are a great group of people with experience and rigorous training. This is nothing but a blatant copy, not even a good one at that.
  13. The thing is that's an SCS thing. Personally I would love to see this suggestion added. It would provide more variety and could actually make traffic look more local. Maybe if players take more pride in the cars they'll respect them more.
  14. Suggestion Name: Traffic Officers - A reassessment Suggestion Description: Traffic officers are something that is frequently suggested, but are often misunderstood as a players trying to fast track to becoming admins. However, I believe that recent developments in the game have made it possible for traffic officers to be a useful addition to TMP. Firstly, I would like you to forget any ideas that traffic officers would perform the functions of admins, they will not. I believe that traffic officers would be highly effective using the special transport van, if the
  15. I suggested something very similar to this a year or two ago, and it was very quickly rejected. I am very interested to see where this goes. I think a better way to implement this would on the roof mounted matrix boards on the special transport escort vans, which are currently used by the event team. However, I do feel that if this is implemented the option should be available to players. Players can not close a road, yet are often first on scene to an accident or congested area. This is where the matrix board would become useful, because it would allow players to park at the side
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