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  1. Not so long ago, I saw a video of one of the real operations events. I noticed that some of the event team were driving fire appliances. I was wondering if there is an SP version or if it is something that TMP have created. Thanks
  2. I really think we should tackle the people who have beacons switched on when they aren't needed. When they are used correctly, beacons actually serve a useful purpose.
  3. Well said. I was looking forward to the possibility of using that van. Also, you forgot to mention all the new blue strobes for the scout, which we were told would cause lag.
  4. I'd love to see the van introduced, especially if they got the matrix board to work. My main wish though, is for a nice LED light bar and LED strobes for the scout.
  5. As someone who comes from a rural area, I can say that there is nothing wrong with passing on a road such as the C-D. However, what people do not realize is that driving on such a road is very different to driving on a motorway. The most important things to remember on such a road is: Brake before the bend, not on it. Do not cross solid lines. Ensure you can see well ahead before you pass. Ensure there is a space for you to go into once you have passed (this is a one people often forget) In the unlikely event that you do meet an oncoming vehicle when overtaking, brake and go behind the vehicle you were attempting to pass. DO NOT speed up! There is nothing wrong with passing on these roads. In fact, if you can see and the lines are dashed, you can actually take the racing line. Side note - I don't know if this applies in ETS2, but in the UK the length of the dashed lines show how risky it is to overtake. The longer the line the more risky it is.
  6. The most frustrating thing was that there should be no need to f7. Once I actually had room behind me, it took less than 30 seconds for me to correct the maneuver. I was actually only blocking 2 lanes because of the way the cab swung while reversing and steering, something that should have been momentary.
  7. Today, while driving near Aberdeen, I attempted to make a turn into a fuel station on a quiet B road. On this particular occasion, I swung wide in order to park up against the fence, so that I was not in other the way of other players. However, I swung a little too wide, meaning my rear steering trailer got caught on a barrier on the other side of the road. This was a simple mistake that would have taken me less than a minute to correct. However, another truck appeared behind me, stopping practically bumper to bumper and not allowing me any room to maneuver. This player then found it necessary to tell me they were recording and constantly use the horn. At this point, I noticed another player attempting to pass by going the wrong way through the fuel station. With great difficulty I managed to maneuver so that at least oncoming traffic could pass with any trouble. The truck behind me decided to use this gap, before I had properly completed the maneuver, to pass. The player passed without looking and ended up in a head on collision with an oncoming truck which was traveling too quickly to be controllable. Funnily enough, as soon as I had room behind me, I was able to correct and turn into the fuel station. This is just one example of a minor inconvenience that was turned into a full scale accident, because of an impatient driver. I urge all players to show some more patience and understanding. If you come across a hold up, stop a reasonable distance away and wait. There is no need to use your horn (which may actually cause the driver to panic and make more mistakes) and there is no need to threaten to report the player if it is a genuine accident.
  8. I used to be in the actual Convoy Security Group, who are a great group of people with experience and rigorous training. This is nothing but a blatant copy, not even a good one at that.
  9. The thing is that's an SCS thing. Personally I would love to see this suggestion added. It would provide more variety and could actually make traffic look more local. Maybe if players take more pride in the cars they'll respect them more.
  10. Suggestion Name: Traffic Officers - A reassessment Suggestion Description: Traffic officers are something that is frequently suggested, but are often misunderstood as a players trying to fast track to becoming admins. However, I believe that recent developments in the game have made it possible for traffic officers to be a useful addition to TMP. Firstly, I would like you to forget any ideas that traffic officers would perform the functions of admins, they will not. I believe that traffic officers would be highly effective using the special transport van, if the development team can find a way for the matrix board to work. If this is possible, the traffic officers would patrol around, and when they come across and accident / congestion, they will stop at the side of the road, a short distance ahead, and use the matrix board to display a warning to approaching traffic. Traffic officers could also be given training to allow them to carry out single lane closure, on dual carriageways / motorways, or perform rolling road blocks (if you don't know what it is please Google it before you comment about it) to slow the traffic down, for the purposes of easing congestion. In the rare event that a full closure is needed, a TMP manager could give authorization to traffic officers to perform this function, thus allowing admins to continue with normal duties. It may also be beneficial for traffic officers to be able to teleport players to services, in order to clear a traffic jam. To answer any concerns about trolls and the abuse of these limited powers, normal TMP recruitment procedures would be used, as they are for forum moderators, etc. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: The implementation of this role, would ensure that congestion and accidents are kept to a minimum, and that the flow of traffic is not disrupted. This role, in certain circumstances, help to free up admins for more important duties.
  11. I suggested something very similar to this a year or two ago, and it was very quickly rejected. I am very interested to see where this goes. I think a better way to implement this would on the roof mounted matrix boards on the special transport escort vans, which are currently used by the event team. However, I do feel that if this is implemented the option should be available to players. Players can not close a road, yet are often first on scene to an accident or congested area. This is where the matrix board would become useful, because it would allow players to park at the side of the road, a short distance ahead of the problem area, and warn traffic. There is of course the issue of possible abuse of this feature. I believe that this problem can rectified by preventing players from tying a message, and instead having some preset messages to choose from.
  12. In the UK our version of that sign (has a solid black bar instead of the stripes) just means national speed limit applies. This varies depending on what type of road.
  13. What about the UK style? I've seen comments mentioning that a new skin should make the car more visible, what could be more visible than yellow and blue batten-burg? Some UK cars also have black sections to signify ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) Interceptor. Could this not be used to show team leaders, etc in game? At the end of the day it's a great idea, but how will we decide what country to use?
  14. Still very much learning, but half decent at: - Python - HTML
  15. Interesting if your into that kind of thing, but I come from an rather industrial area of the UK and about 90% of trucks that I see are anything, but J Spec.
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