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  1. fidget3306

    Advanced rules of the street

    In the UK our version of that sign (has a solid black bar instead of the stripes) just means national speed limit applies. This varies depending on what type of road.
  2. fidget3306

    New Police design (Europe)

    What about the UK style? I've seen comments mentioning that a new skin should make the car more visible, what could be more visible than yellow and blue batten-burg? Some UK cars also have black sections to signify ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) Interceptor. Could this not be used to show team leaders, etc in game? At the end of the day it's a great idea, but how will we decide what country to use?
  3. fidget3306

    What coding languages do you know?

    Still very much learning, but half decent at: - Python - HTML
  4. fidget3306

    J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    Interesting if your into that kind of thing, but I come from an rather industrial area of the UK and about 90% of trucks that I see are anything, but J Spec.
  5. fidget3306

    Your opinions on In-game Reports?

    I remind you that all TMP staff are volunteers. TMP is free, because of this. They do an amazing job, just look at the mod and website. I suggest you stop being ungrateful, because otherwise you are never going to get anywhere in this community.
  6. fidget3306

    Please learn your priorities!

    Maybe that is something we can address. How about posting a simplified version on the website? Personally I have known the highway code from a very young age. The comments on this post are very true. The concerning factor is that I am starting to see this in real life too. The only exception I can think of is if you are turning into the junction; especially if you need to swing wide.
  7. fidget3306

    Your compilations

    What sort of beacon does Doker(58Rifm) have on his truck at 3:49? It looks like it has an unusual pattern.
  8. fidget3306

    How to pilot

    An excellent guide. As an Ex Convoy Security Group pilot I always cringe when I see some bad escorting of convoys.
  9. fidget3306

    Custom skin's in MP

    This sounds like way too much work. When I was in Convoy Security Group we used a skin that was in the High Power Cargo Pack, but changed the colours. I never saw anyone else using the same skin and it stands out anyway when there is a group of trucks with the same paint job.
  10. fidget3306

    Own transport company

    Extremely good and useful. I hope this will be added if we get server economy.
  11. fidget3306

    Rate the song above you.

  12. fidget3306

    Replace DLCs truck parts with originals

    Completely agree. Missing lights are really dangerous. You would not be able to see in the dark. You wouldn't see hazards or indicators.
  13. fidget3306

    Restrict/Blacklist Cars

    This is a great idea. It would certainly help combat trolls. You could take it one step further and stop them from having the more powerful engines in the trucks. Then they would give up, because people in more powerful trucks could outrun them.
  14. fidget3306

    Tutorial after registering account

    This is a great idea. It won't stop trolls, but it is not designed to stop trolls. What I think this will do is help to reduce the number of genuine accidents, because most of them are result of someone just not knowing how things work. If this was to go ahead then I would like to see that UK roads are covered in some degree of detail, because this seems to be one of the worst cases of genuine accidents due to the road layout being different. Everyone needs to be educated about the UK, because it is the most different and in some cases the most complex. Every UK player will tell you that if you know the UK rules then you can figure out the others. What most people miss is the signs outside of ports in the UK that say "Drive on the Left". I think that there should be some form of popup, like when it says "Non collision zone" or "You have entered into the city" to tell people to drive on the left. Again this won't solve the problem, but it will help.
  15. fidget3306

    Undiscovered Road Finder Mod

    I think this is OK as it is just affecting what you see on your HUD and not affecting other players. However I am not sure. I would like to see this question answered my a member of TMP staff.