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Found 10 results

  1. So Today I Was Driving In Rotterdam Starting Point Just Started A New Profile There And Ends In Duisburg ( Yes I Know Its A Highly Talked About Route ) . But I'm Just Curious Why? Do People Speed Faster Then What Is Posted In-Game Or Even On There GPS ? In The Game It Was Made To Match Close To IRL As Can Get. I was Going 50 MPH On The Road Some Cases 37 & 31 In Some Of The Spots Told By The GPS In-Game But Having People Just Try To Run Me Over Or Just Fly By As If I Was Standing Still And This Becomes Very Childish In My Personal Opinion There Is No Rush For Those Spee
  2. Suggestion Name: In-Game Dash Cam Video Recorder Suggestion Description: Hello, TMP First Of All Hello Everyone but I would like to raise Awareness that we need more actions to gameplay especially proving arguments of who did what in-game so I would like to propose an in-game recorder that starts as soon as you enter on the streets of ETS2 and ATS kinda set it up like a server dash cam Video Recorder this way the user doesn't haven't to record and hurt there FPS and in-game client Ping helping improve gameplay and to help the staff in-game to help determine if something was deliberate or
  3. Hello guys, I started up the Euro Truck Simulator 2 for a few minutes ago and all my data is gone. My profile both on this website and in-game are there, but all the data I had are lost. For a few months ago I stopped playing ( around may, just before the release of 1.31.) but I really want to start playing now. I've 183 hours behind me and I had a lot of nice trucks, I really want them back. Please help me. I've looked in my documents and I have my profile there and also the autosaves. I hope one of you guys can help me out with this. See the files for photos.
  4. Bonjour a tous , Partie 1: Ma voiture est limité a moins de 40 km/h : Pour cela , vous devez vous rendre dans Paramètres du Jeu (Options) /Contrôleur / puis aller dans la ligne Automatique pour mettre en Séquentielle : Puis : Puis Puis déroule le menu déroulant Puis cliquer sur Séquentielle Partie 2: Comment la boite Séquentielle : Pour cela , ce rendre dans Paramètres du Jeu (Options) / Clavier Touches / et trouvé l'emplacement Rapport Supérieur et Rapport Inférieur Pui
  5. Hi everyone, I want to make the "TruckersMP" tag in the game. Is there a risk of prohibition?
  6. I would like to hang out with my idea of a realistic queue for loading trailers, the point is to make it realistic and not as at the moment pulled up hooked and left, and make an expectation when this or that player gets hooked and the next you or someone else. And then we drive up to the loads and there is such a large flow of Drivers and in the textures you load. Well, here it was to think that you as a respected developer could have made such loading as in real life, we are not in 30 seconds loaded into the real life. And to make a queue for downloading and that every player to which it is
  7. Hello, I am wondering when you start up the game online Mod for the first time do you make a new account and have two in-game? Or can you start off the single player account you have created already?
  8. Hello there, I don't know if I need to write here or at Steam, but I'm having this problem since 3 weeks. It's simple, the in-game Steam interface doesn't show up (it's like a no steam game), so I can't send messages in game, for that, I need to stop, minimize the game and chat. I think this problem is because of Fraps (I use it to record), but before now the Steam worked sometimes and other times not. Now the problem persists every time I start the game, I uninstalled Fraps and the issue persists. I'll post in Steam too, let's see if we can solve this. Thanks.
  9. Where i can send a request to be admin in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2? I don't see any sub-forum to do this. If someone can say me this i'll be grateful.
  10. Oficiální pravidla PRAVIDLA NEJSOU AKTUÁLNÍ PROSÍM POKRAČUJTE NA ANGLICKOU VERZI Poslední aktualizace: 11.února 2016 Základní síťová pravidla Všichni uživatelé serverů TruckersMP jsou povinni dodržovat pravidla silničního provozu dané země! Horn Spaming (Trvalé troubení) - Kick / Ban Pokud záměrně dlouho držíte klakson a bezdůvodně troubíte po delší dobu a podobné prohřešky. Username (Uživatelské jméno) - Kick / Ban Zjednodušeno Používání nevhodného jména, včetně těch s urážkami, bez textu, s vulgarismy, jména shoduj
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