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  1. Introduction Do your game crash? If yes, you can try to help to fix it. To do that, read our How to and help ETS2MP's developers to see what's wrong! In this How to we explain to send us your crash's logs (where find it, how to copy and publish it). Don't forget to read this: http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/5-bug-report-format-must-be-followed/ Where are game's log crashing? You must go to My documents and search Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder like on screenshot. Firstly navigate to your Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder within your documents. Secondly, click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder then search and open game.crash.txt file. You will see a file with a lot of text like on the screenshot. Select all (ctrl + a) and Copy (ctrl + c). Ready? Ok! Now you have to go on http://pastebin.com/and past the text you copied previously. Then click on Submit. Good! You just published you game.crash's log (Check mine: http://pastebin.com/C7P8sHPx)!Now copy the url like on screenshot and read Bug Report Format (http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/5-bug-report-format-must-be-followed/) If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask them in this thread! Author: I<3VODKA
  2. Hello! This is free camera tutorial: This is what u need to do: Go to C/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2. Then search for config.cfg. Open it in notepad or in any other program. In config.cfg search for uset g_developer and set it to 1. Then search for uset g_console and set it to 1. To reduce speed use mouse wheel. Go up: 8 Go down: 2 Go left: 4 Go right: 6 Use numpad numbers! Enjoy! If u need step by step video this is tutorial I made:
  3. Hey everyone! Today I'd like to give you guys some tips to start your very first Virtual Truck Company! (according to my opinion) *versão PT/BR no fim da página! Step 1: Choosing your VTC name Choose a short and easy pronouncing name, very easy to remember. You can make a nice name with a long name's initials. (Example: American Trucking Family -> ATF) Step 2: Establishing a way to communicate with your VTC's members You need to choose a platform to talk to your members. You can create a Skype group, Raid call, Team Speak 3 or Discord profiles) Step 3: Establishing the rules Rules are extremely important inside a VTC, they will tell people how you expect people to behave in your VTC. (Example: don't overtake in convoys) Step 4: Recruiting members Once steps 1, 2 and 3 are done, you should proceed to recruitment process. You can publish a little text wile playing in MP (Attention: do NOT spam!) providing the information to your Skype group, Raid call, Team Speak 3 or Discord (Example: ATF recruiting! IP: xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx) or publish in the MP Forum's companies page PS: Prefer Discord, as our kind moderator @Penguin recommends Step 5: Establishing hierarchy (optional) If you want, you can create a hierarchy inside your VTC. Example: -Owner -Admin (Step 6) -Suport (Step 6) -Veteran -Member -In observation (new guys) Step 6: Recruiting staff (optional) (once your VTC become with a good amount off members) After your VTC has grown I recommend you to "hire"some people to help in the administration of you VTC. Exemple: Menagers, Suporters, Recruiters... It's up to you That's all folkes! Please consider checking these rules before starting your VTC. No bumping threads more than once every 3 days, or unnecessarily Verbal warning / warning point - You can only post to bump a topic once every 3 days. In addition, you are not allowed to bump topics unnecessarily, for example you are not allowed to bump your VTC topic unless the post adds content to the topic No useless posting or spamming Post hidden / verbal warning / warning point / ban - Do not post posts with little to no content or spam. Portuguese version/Versão em Português
  4. Hi, I see alot of convoys with the same paint jobs. I want to know how to do that. Please help me ty
  5. I have secretly had a problem with the screen, after i reactivate the game once in awhile. I havent allowed it to bother me, i just change it back to my usual in ,,settings,, and i play game like usual. After i open the game, the screen is narrow and the quality is on the basic ..low quality,, and it foreces me to change my settings over and over again, after that has happened. Because i play with a steering wheels, and sometimes i afto pull the USB out and back. Sometimes after that, next time i start the game i have that problem,eaven not allways Is there a fix for it,and are you having the same problem?
  6. I have joined TruckersMP forum and i need to get use to the enviroment. Doesnt anyone know,why my Cargos are zero? Does it start counting,since now after i created a account in the forum?
  7. When you read the title, i do know how to fix it and if you have the same problem, then i know how you might be able to fix it. After few updates at the past i have gotten notes about having a ,,unsupported game version,, every time update comes out. after you download the update,you still get the itsact same notification. Yes,i also fell into confusion and wondered,am i ever able to play ETS2MP? I watched one youtube video and i was advized to open steam and find ,,Euro truck simulator 2,,. Keep the arrow on the ,,Euro truck simulator title,, and right click it. After you gave done tgat, move down and open ,,properties,,.. Click ,,Betas,, and you select a version of the game ETS2 recommends you to pick. By it i mean that, after i tried to open up the game earlyer and got a notification, it advized me,which version i need to have,to open the game. (for excample ,,Euro Truck Simulator 2v.,,) Good luck!
  8. Hi there. I just wondered if anybody else thinks the income from their jobs are a bit over the top? I did, and have the last couple of months run with a smal config change, and a better gaming experience I'm now running with only 25% of the standard income, and thats makes the game a lot more interesting, as you have to be a bit more carefull on what you spend your mony on, as they doesn't come in as fast I actualy had to take up a loan here the other day, to buy a new truck, and i like it! Edit : be aware though, making payments on the loans can be difficult, since the server time keeps going while you're not conected, you might end up with a suprice.... I had to roll back a save earlier today, since the bank had sold one of my trucks when i was offline. .... /edit What you have to do : Go to my documents\euro truck simulator 2\profiles\"yourprofile here"\config.cfg Search for : uset g_income_factor "1" Change the "1" to "0.25" or something simmilar , and save. Enjoy making less for the runs
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