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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Guys, My problem is that my Gpu usage when playing is pretty bad like realy bad. I have a Radeon Rx 6700xt 12GB, which is a pretty good gpu. It runs every game i play smoothly (Apex Legends, COD and so on) but when i play TruckersMP if im in calais i barely get over 20 FPS which is almost unbelieveable. I tried everything, read every Topic and never found a fix. My CPU is a i5 12400f which is a good CPU so there is no Bottleneck and i have a god PC Airflow. I tried putting the settings on low and i cant get over 20 fps. which is weird i made the game High performance and also didnt work. I would love to get this solved since I have seen many people with the same problem. And dont tell me stay out of Calais, im trying to have fun i like it when there is many people in one spot. I actually also tested Apex legends today on Ultra settings and the FPS didnt drop a bit. So I dont know i think its a Problem inside the Game no way my PC is that bad i cant get more than 20 FPS. Please find a solution it wont just help me it will help many others. I also sometimes think its Because i have an AMD GPU, for example maybe the game just doesnt detect my GPU because not many Have an AMD Gpu its just a dumb thought but it might be true, since every1 ive met with high fps ingame has a Nvidia Gpu. Thanks for listening Best Regards.
  2. Здравствуйте, возникла проблема с игрой и видеокартой. Когда захожу в одиночную игру Euro Truck Simulator 2 температура держится 65-69 градусов (на максимальных настройках) Когда захожу в TrackersMP (при таких же настройках), то температура сильно начинает расти и достигает даже 75 градусов, а при сворачивание игры, игра ломается (не может развернуться) и видеокарта греется до 85 градусов! Помогите. видеокарта RX570
  3. ~Albino~

    100% GPU

    Hello, i just updated my ETS2 and somehow the game started using my gpu 100% and my pc started making some noises which sounds like damaging my pc. Does anyone have the same problem? (Btw its my first time using Forum i hope im making this topic in the right place)
  4. Hello, I have started playing Euro Truck a week ago and started playing Multi Player 2 days ago. I have no problems playing Single Player over 100 fps stable but in Multi Player my game freezes for 0.5 secs whenever i get someone at "Players near to you" tab. Tried lots of things none of them solved my problem. There is a ingame video to show you what is happening link below. I am using wi-fi not ethernet but I am not sure if thats the problem. I have 100 mbts download and 5 mbts upload. Before you ask my drivers are up to date and i will share my computers specs down below. My computer using all 8 cores and not on power save mode. Graphics doesn't matter it happens even in lowest resolution. I have this stuttering propblem only ETS2 MP right now but i had stuttering on CS:GO before they relased panorama update, that fixed it. 3 Year Old Gaming Laptop ASUS G550JK OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit (6.2, Build 9200) CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz GPU1: GeForce GTX 850M on GM107-A GPU GPU2: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 RAM: 8GB Ingame footage: https://mega.nz/#!Zg4iXSwZ!f6qx_cchxTajkzzqwIBk4UlEJG935nRXiDKreDh_2qE
  5. When i play ATS (without MP) i play normally with 33% CPU and 24%GPU. sorry for my bad english.
  6. Hey guys! I've been struggling with this issue for way to long, so I've decided to ask here on the forums for some help. My AA (Anti-Aliasing, MLAA ingame) is just very poor wherever I go in ETS2, I will post a picture down below. My current GPU is a HD6950 from AMD (ancient, bit still pretty decent ^^). This image shows how things look far away from my truck. When I move the camera or drive my truck the 'pixels' move which makes the game look very ugly. :c Does anyone have a fix for this issue? (which works in Multiplayer) Oh, and all settings are currently on ultra (also AA). Thank you! Joey
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