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  1. ~Albino~

    100% GPU

    It worked thank you so muchhh now i can keep playing and @NightSword^ yes sir i got my answer feel free to lock it thanks again
  2. ~Albino~

    100% GPU

    Hello General18, Thx for your answer. Well i do have a good PC tbh. I got i7-8700K, 11 GB Nvidia GTX 1080ti and 32 GB DDR4 Ram. And its only happening on ETS2. Not only MP also single player mod.
  3. ~Albino~

    100% GPU

    Hello, i just updated my ETS2 and somehow the game started using my gpu 100% and my pc started making some noises which sounds like damaging my pc. Does anyone have the same problem? (Btw its my first time using Forum i hope im making this topic in the right place)
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