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  1. Hello, I was very busy for 1-2 months and couldn't play truckersmp. Now I wanted to enter the promod server and this error appeared. I will give the information assest def map media model1-2-3 files available 69 hour steam; east scadiniav france baltic sea black sea iberia italia dlc 1.47.31 ets 2 2.65 promods Please Help Boys
  2. geçen sene ki konuyu inceledim herşeyi yaptım yine bir sonuç bulamadım yardımcı olabilir misiniz teşekkürler
  3. Moin, Hab mal seit kurzem angefangen wieder ETS2 MP zu spielen und muss feststellen, dass das Spiel immer abstürzt sobald ich das Stadtgebiet verlasse. Eventuell kann mir einer von euch helfen? Hier der letzte LOG: https://pastebin.com/a2Fwe71N Danke schonmal.
  4. Evening all, This isn't my profile but it was brought to my attention and after trying many things I've failed to get this to post past the initial loading screen . From what I know it started crashing after the individual started using ProMods and even after removing ProMods it's still crashing. He has 2 local mods on however I can't tell if this is the issue or not. Attached is his game log for his own save. Any responses appreciated! Flixmo. game.log (2).txt
  5. When I click on a window on my other monitor, ATS crashes. This only happens when I'm on multiplayer.
  6. If you encounter this problem, follow these instructions: Go to game directory, find bin folder and delete it: Open Steam, go to Library / Games and right click on game: Select properties: Click on Local files tab and choose Verify integrity of game files: I hope it works for you too, thanks for your attention and happy trucking!
  7. Savem temiz sıkıntılı olmamasına rağmen oyun atıyor ben size hatamı bildirmek için crash dosyası mı atcam yoksa game.log mu
  8. Hello. As already the title says, I'm getting random crashes when playing the multiplayer, while driving or when in the menu, from no reason the loading screen with one of those wallpapers from ETS2/ATS players appears and later on, a window saying "FATAL ERROR" pops up. I started experiencing this particular problem after the instalation of the ragnos1997's low specs settings mode, but even after uninstalling the mode and completely reinstalling the ETS2 the problem still persists. Likely something in my profil folder got messed up. Does anyone know what I'm supposed to do with this? Thanks. last_crash.log game.crash.txt
  9. Hello, I'm trying to play ETS2. It doesn't matter if the game in non mp launched or with mp. It just crashes when I reach the profile selection stage. Ima give you the logs guys if this helps and someone can read something out of them. Please help tried everything, reinstalling, launching with administrator permission, I have no mods. Just a clear ETS2 game without any mods. Also when I launch the game with the "-homedir (........)" command in properties of the TruckersMP it creates a new profile. I can't upload my profile to the game and when I try switching profiles (Profile selection stage as I told you before). It crashes. I don't know why this happens always there, when I try to select profile... Please help me! crash.log last_crash.log
  10. My game crashes on startup. Am i banned or is my game just doing weird stuff?
  11. Hey, Whenever i try to load a DAFXF Euro 6 with the new UK interior i get this error and the game crashes. This only happens on Truckersmp (Ive tried it on single player and it works fine). Is there any known fix to this or is this a bug? Thanks
  12. since last uppdate i have been geting the Error that crash my game heres a SS Please help me with it i cant make out whats the problem game automaticly crash after i get this pop on my screen and its sometimes every 15 minutes sometimes every 1h i just dot want to get baned bc of random respawn i mean this is something it can happen any time i had times i opened the game and after 5 minutes i got that Crap Error i cant find solution to this my self
  13. https://pastebin.com/Se8i6edt - game.crash log https://pastebin.com/TWJYLULx - Last crash log https://pastebin.com/uZ5jRYFx - game.log Hi Everyone - After updating to 1.27 - im getting game crashes - saying "FATAL ERROR" . Happens after 1-2 minutes after gameplay. Attached and included paste bins of crash logs. I hope there is a solution. game.crash.txt game.log.txt last_crash.log p.s Advices from FAQ didnt work My game crashes (FATAL ERROR) Hide contents Solution 1) Try running TruckersMP launcher as an administrator. Solution 2) Try to verify the integrity of the files via Steam. Guide Solution 3) Go to Documents -> Euro Truck Simulator 2 (or American Truck Simulator), delete config.cfg file and then launch the game. Solution 4) Run a System file checker on your computer then launch the game in DirectX 64-bit mode. Guide
  14. Hello, always I play multiplayer on this PC it always crash while im driving, i already tried to uninstall mods, reinstall everything, check cache, and most of that things. It only happens on multiplayer, when I play euro truck simulator 2 without TruckersMP launch it works fine. If some admin or someone who knows what to do can help me I would be so happy. Edit: when it crash it says: Fatal Error! My log crash says this:
  15. hi, i have a problem that sometimes my game crashes on mp when i want to cross from calais to dover by train/ferry i don't really know what to do and also my friends sometimes have the same problem
  16. Sorry for My english im German Hello Truckers MP After the new Update My game often CRASH I Have no Mods I reinstall the game and Truckers MP and it Crash Olso i used a new Profile I dont know what it is help me
  17. Hey guys My Game ETS2MP Crash after i play 5 minuits after the new update
  18. Hello all, I'm new here hope to stick around Anyhow I installed the latest version from the website I also checked winter mod upon installation, but my game crashed after selecting my main profile at first I thought it wouldn't load an auto save due to the mods which couldn't be loaded. So figured why not try make a new profile and nope the game still crashes after selecting the starting city. I figured I'll post all info and crash logs here to get this nice mod upon running. [/b]System info:[b] OS: x86_64 / Windows 10 x64 (version 10.0) CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6350 Six-Core Processor at 3917000 MEM: Phys:8173 Virt:134217727 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti Mem:2016 Ver: [/b]ETS 2/ Truckers MP version:[b] ETS 2: 1.26.3s Truckers MP: Alpha Logs: Game log: https://paste.ee/p/DQIrz Game crash: https://paste.ee/p/VkXGH Client log: https://paste.ee/p/EzJiO Thanks in advanced any help appreciated, Dub.
  19. Hello, I have the problem that every Time I start the game with my Wheel plugged in the game crashes in both games ets2mp and atsmp. The wheel is the Saitek R440. The singleplayer works fine. Driver is up-to-date. The game.log says that the wheel is on some kind of blacklist. Do you know something about that? I attached it on this Post. The first one is the one of the ets2.. it has some more errors but they do not let the game crash. The second one is the one of the ats. Both are crashing after loading the profile, when the wheel is connected. Maybe you can help me. Thank you game.log.txt game.log.txt
  20. My Game Has Started Crashing After Around 20-30 mins of playing it this has started to annoy me when im in a convoy it can be very annoying trying to catch up can i get some help with this issue
  21. Everytime i teleport to somewhere in EuroTruck Simulator 2 MP the game crashes, If I press F7 and then enter the game crash, If i wanna do a quick travel to some of my garage the game crash, if I even just take train or ferry the game crash! I don't know what to do anymore. This is a list of solutions i tryed but failed: 1) Delete savegame folder on documents and create a new profile 2) Unistall the MP mod and re-install it 3) Unistall ETS2 and re-Install it The game actually works well, I can drive, I can do jobs ecc...the only (serious) problem are the teleports, ALL kind of teleports doesn't work! My only luck is that my savegames did not spawned me in UK cause i couldn't able to leave the island neither with ferryboat or train or even quick travel... Can somebody tell me what's goin on? I got American Truck Simulator too and the MP mod works perfect, i can teleport anywhere without problems in the other game...just in ETS2..
  22. Hello! Every time i want to travel over the sea or trying to use the emergency call, crashes my game off or the screen stays black (Blackscreen). I dont get any error messages or other things. But the strange thing is, my radio works perfectly... Things i do already: -Reinstall the game -Cleaning the cache (Steam & Windows) -Deleting all modifications -Use a new savefile (new driver) Here some Logs: Spawn Logs: https://paste.ee/p/94rE9 Thanks.
  23. Everytime I connect to EU#2 I crash. Its happened to me before in places like Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam. And now its happening no matter where I am. I have uploaded my crash logs. http://pastebin.com/264yxvPn Thanks;.
  24. Hi since today i have a little problem. Always when i wanna start the game it crashes after i selected a driver profil. The yellow bar loads fully and than the game crashes and it askes me if i want to send the crashfile to the developers. I tried betas to but nothing seems to work. Hope to get help soon THANKS <3
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