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  1. The game works , but again, everytime i choose the freight job to paris - game instantly crashes
  2. I`ll do that later when i get home .
  3. https://pastebin.com/1Thrtjie Game crashed in Uppsala , while playing on EU3. Everytime i get back in the game , it crashes straight away now
  4. Keep it open please, just in case someone else would find a solution.
  5. I`ve created a ticket via support. Hope they could fix it asap
  6. Tried every solution from other topic, still receiving Fatal Error Also Im in Berlin now, and when i go to freight jobs, and select one to Paris- the game instantly crashes - no matter what :'\ can it be due to new French DLC ? Edit: Literally, reinstalled ETS2 multiplayer using the guide you`ve sent before - Etime I select the freight job to paris - game instantly crashes.
  7. Yep , I tried that before making a topic and it didnt help.
  8. https://pastebin.com/Se8i6edt - game.crash log https://pastebin.com/TWJYLULx - Last crash log https://pastebin.com/uZ5jRYFx - game.log Hi Everyone - After updating to 1.27 - im getting game crashes - saying "FATAL ERROR" . Happens after 1-2 minutes after gameplay. Attached and included paste bins of crash logs. I hope there is a solution. game.crash.txt game.log.txt last_crash.log p.s Advices from FAQ didnt work My game crashes (FATAL ERROR) Hide contents Solution 1) Try running TruckersMP launcher as an administrator. Solution 2) Try to verify the integrity of the files via Steam. Guide Solution 3) Go to Documents -> Euro Truck Simulator 2 (or American Truck Simulator), delete config.cfg file and then launch the game. Solution 4) Run a System file checker on your computer then launch the game in DirectX 64-bit mode. Guide
  9. I have no mods at all and it the cargo is not truck , its a petrol , which seems to be a bug or something
  10. I could not choose it. Thats the problem , i can choose it on GPS, and when i arrive there , there is no green box button, where you get your cargo . Its only has service and showroom.
  11. Hi everyone , I could choose a cargo at a scania showroom, but i cant pick it up. Screenshots attached.
  12. ^I have fully wiped the game of my computer, reinstalled it via steam and reinstalled the MP and it didnt help
  13. I have no mods at all , except winter
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